Journal of Sport Behavior Vol. 36, No. 1, March 2013

Publisher: Psychology Department, University of South Alabama

Changes in Exercise Commitment Following a Values-Based Wellness Program
Brinthaupt, Thomas M.; Kang, Minsoo; Anshel, Mark H.

Development and Validation of the Sport Rivalry Fan Perception Scale (SRFPS)
Havard, Cody T.; Gray, Dianna P.; Gould, James; Sharp, Linda A.; Schaffer, Jay J.

Exploring “Rosy” Bias and Goal Achievement in Marathon Runners
Lemm, Kristi M.; Wirtz, Derrick

Goal Setting Styles: Examining the Role of Personality Factors on the Goal Practices of Prospective Olympic Athletes
Burton, Damon; Gillham, Andy; Weinberg, Robert; Yukelson, David; Weigand, Daniel

Home Advantage in Chess
By Sorqvist, Patrik; Halin, Niklas; Kjellberg, Anders

The Relationship between Youth Sport Specialization and Involvement in Sport and Physical Activity in Young Adulthood
Russell, William D.; Limle, Ashley N.

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