Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, Volume 15, 2019, Issue 3

nflWAR: a reproducible method for offensive player evaluation in football
Yurko, Ronald / Ventura, Samuel / Horowitz, Maksim
Page 163

Relative age effects in American professional football
Heneghan, Jack F. / Herron, Michael C.
Page 185

Optimal shot selection strategies for the NBA
Fichman, Mark / O’Brien, John Robert
Page 203

The relative wages of offense and defense in the NBA: a setting for win-maximization arbitrage?
Ehrlich, Justin / Sanders, Shane / Boudreaux, Christopher J.
Page 213

Ludometrics: luck, and how to measure it
Gilbert, Daniel E. / Wells, Martin T.
Page 225

Competitive balance with unbalanced schedules
Lee, Young Hoon / Kim, Yongdai / Kim, Sara
Page 239

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