Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, Volume 11, 2018, Issue 2

Exploring the Experiences of Division III Athletes Drinking Alcohol With Their Teams: A Qualitative Study
Debra L. Fetherman and Joan Cebrick Grossman

“You Have to Have Money to Be Good”: How Capital Accumulation Shapes Latinas’ Pathways to College Sports
Jen McGovern

A Growth Curve Analysis of Mandatory Student Athletics Fees
Willis A. Jones, Michael J. Rudolph, and Michael Brown

Using Fan Passion to Investigate Constraints to Student Attendance at College Football Games
Jason M. Simmons, Nels K. Popp, Chad D. McEvoy, and Steven M. Howell

Playing Multiple Positions: Student-Athlete Identity Salience and Conflict
Landy Di Lu, Kathryn L. Heinze, and Sara Soderstrom

Parental Involvement Among Collegiate Student-Athletes: An Analysis Across NCAA Divisions
Katie Lowe, Travis E. Dorsch, Miranda P. Kaye, Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Logan Lyons, Amanda N. Faherty, and Lindsey Menendez

A Collective Case Study of African American Male Athletic Directors’ Leadership Approaches to Diversity in College Sport
John N. Singer and George B. Cunningham

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