Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, Volume 10, 2017, Issue 1

The “New” Student-Athlete: An Exploratory Examination of Scholarship eSports Players
Claire C. Schaeperkoetter, Jonathan Mays, Sean Thomas Hyland, Zach Wilkerson, Brent Oja, Kyle Krueger, Ronald Christian, and Jordan R. Bass

Exploring the Relative Importance of Factors That Influence Student-Athletes’ School-Choice Decisions: A Case Study of One Canadian University
Chris R. Chard and Luke R. Potwarka

NCAA Division I Athlete STEM Graduates: Stereotypes, Microaggressions, Race, and Gender
Eddie Comeaux, Whitney Griffin, Patina Bachman, and Jeff Porter

Coaches and Teammates as Social Agents for Collegiate Athletes’ Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction
Johannes Raabe and Rebecca A. Zakrajsek

Athletic Ticket Pricing in the Collegiate Environment: An Agenda for Research
Craig A. Morehead, Stephen L. Shapiro, Timothy M. Madden, Lamar Reams, and Chad D. McEvoy

Front Porch, Small House: A Longitudinal Study of Team and University Identification Among Incoming Students at a Division III University
Matthew Katz, Marlene A. Dixon, Bob Heere, and Jordan R. Bass

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