Journal of Brand Strategy Volume 2 Number 1

  • jbs300Building stronger brands with sensory driven product design
    Mathieu Turpault, Director of Design, Rob Tannen, Director of Research and Interface Design, Bresslergroup and Bob Welsh, VP, Industrial Design and Brand Marketing, DEWALT Powertools
  • The heart makes the mouse: Disney’s approach to brand loyalty
    Jeff James, VP and General Manager, Disney Institute
  • Making brands successful: Optimizing marketing ROI
    Jesko Perrey, Dennis Spillecke and Andris Umblijs, McKinsey & Company
  • Windows Live: The long, unhappy life of a misunderstood brand
    Joe Tradii, Director of Product Marketing and Management, Intuicom
  • The role of sustainability in building market capitalization
    James R. Gregory, Founder and CEO, CoreBrand
  • How to use content to grip your audience like a broadcaster
    Kath Hipwell, Planning Director and Michael Reeves, Business Development Director, Red Bee Media
  • The value of brand trust
    Mark E. Mckinney, Chief Strategy Officer and Amber Benson, VP, Innovation & Development, MEplusYOU
  • Youth: It’s not your audience … it’s theirs
    David Tucker, VP and Deputy Director, McCann Truth Central
  • The fit between events and sponsor brands: Integrating the role of emotions
    Rajdeep Chakraborti and Subhadip Roy, IBS, Hyderabad
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