Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education Volume 8, Issue 3 (November 2014)

jssae-dsDo Team Sports Matter for Black Males?
Paul C. Harris
pp. 137–147 | Abstract | References

Comeback Player of the Year: A Conceptual Model on Former Student-Athletes Returning as Adult Students
Matthew R. Huml, Mathew J. Bergman, Mary A. Hums
pp. 148–167 | Abstract | References

Exploring the legitimacy of wheelchair basketball as an NCAA emerging sport
Ben Larkin, Michael Cottingham, Joshua Pate
pp. 168–185 | Abstract | References

A Value Oriented Analysis of Proposed Collegiate Athletic Reform Legislation
Kadence A. Otto
pp. 186–212 | Abstract | References

Religion and College Athletics: Antecedents and Consequences of Student-Athletes’ Perceived Religious Well-Being
Matthew W. Seitz, Michael Sagas, Daniel P. Connaughton
pp. 213–234 | Abstract | References

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