International Sport Coaching Journal, Volume: 4, 2017, Issue 3

Original Research

What Influences Collegiate Coaches’ Intentions to Advance Their Leadership Careers? The Roles of Leader Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectancies
Moe Machida-Kosuga, John M. Schaubroeck, Daniel Gould, Martha Ewing, and Deborah L. Feltz

Coaches’ Experiences Learning and Applying the Content of a Humanistic Coaching Workshop in Youth Sport Settings
William R. Falcão, Gordon A. Bloom, and Andrew Bennie

Getting to Know Your Athletes: Strengthening the Coach-Athlete Dyad Using an Integrative Personality Framework
Trevor Prophet, Jefferson Singer, Ira Martin, and Tristan J. Coulter

Best Practices

Coaching Philosophy and Methods of Anatoly Tarasov: ‘Father’ of Russian Ice Hockey
Vladislav A. Bespomoshchnov and Jeffrey G. Caron

Transformational Coaching Workshop: Applying a Person-Centred Approach to Coach Development Programs
Jennifer Turnnidge and Jean Côté

Pleased To Be Sacked”: Coach Pat Lam’s ‘Learnings’ and the Evolution of a Professional Rugby Union Organisation
Gary Byrne and Tania Cassidy

360-Degree Feedback for Sport Coaches: A Follow-Up to O’Boyle (2014)
Matt D. Hoffmann, Ashley M. Duguay, Michelle D. Guerrero, Todd M. Loughead, and Krista J. Munroe-Chandler

Coaching In

Profile of Coaching and Coach Education in Mexico
Ciria Margarita Salazar C., Pedro Julian Flores Moreno, José Encarnación Del Río Valdivia, Lenin Tlamatini Barajas Pineda, Julio Alejandro Gómez Figueroa, and Martha Patricia Pérez López


Nirvana or Never-Never Land: Does Heutagogy Have a Place in Coach Development?
John Stoszkowski and Dave Collins

Resource Reviews

Conscious Coaching: The Art & Science of Building Buy-In
Joe Eisenmann

Psychology in Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice
Andy Gillham

Lucid—Mental Training for Athletes
Paul AshbrookT

eamSnap App
Eva Gillham

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – HEADS UP
Matthew Vierimaa and Marshall X. Grimm

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