International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Vol. 59, 2024, No. 3


Research Articles

Open Access
Public support for athlete activism in Germany: A survey experiment

Swantje Müller, Henk Erik Meier, Markus Gerke, and Michael Mutz

Open Access
Social status and sport: A study of young Norwegians
Ørnulf Seippel and Håvard Bergesen Dalen

‘Male, violent and dangerous’: The gender prejudices in rugby from the perception of current and former athletes of the Brazil women’s rugby 7’s national team
Giovanna Xavier de Moura, Elizabeth Pike, João Paulo Melleiro Malagutti, and Fernando Augusto Starepravo

Open Access
A holistic framework of power to observe constraining and enabling manifestations and outcomes of power within international Sport for Development and Peace partnerships
Joanne Clarke

Open Access
“It becomes a fight against who I am, rather than what I say”: Gender, positionality, and inclusion in esports leadership
Lucy V. Piggott and Anne Tjønndal

Open Access
How has the media’s construction of a discourse of nationalism evolved? Critical discourse analysis of Korean sports nationalism through the FIFA World Cup
Woochul Kim

Open Access
Climate change versus winter sports; can athlete climate activism change the score?
Natalie LB Knowles, Daniel Scott, and Michelle Rutty

Olympique Lyonnais supporters cheer for their team during the 2022 UEFA Women’s Champions League Final Barcelona FC v Olympique Lyonnais at the Juventus Stadium.

Open Access
‘Inclusivity for who’?: An analysis of ‘race’ and female fandom at the 2022 UEFA European Women’s Championships

Anika Leslie-Walker, Katie Taylor, and Esther Jones Russell

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