International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Vol. 55, 2020, No. 7

Research Articles

Sporting dissent: Colin Kaepernick, NFL activism, and media framing contests
Jules Boykoff and Ben Carrington

Racial folklore, black masculinities and the reproduction of dominant racial ideologies: The case of Israel Folau
Keith D Parry, Jamie Cleland, and Emma Kavanagh

Voetsek! Get[ting] lost: African sportswomen in ‘the sporting black diaspora’
Anima Adjepong

Making pastel pop on dark skin: How fashion stylists dress Black NBA players
Lequez Spearman

Can celebrity athletes burst the echo chamber bubble? The case of LeBron James and Lady Gaga
Tsahi Hayat, Yair Galily, and Tal Samuel-Azran

State, sport and resistance: A case of Palestinian sports clubs in the West Bank
Dorota Woroniecka-Krzyzanowska

Mother–child engagement in sports and outdoor activities: Intensive mothering, purposive leisure, and implications for health and relationship closeness
Chris Knoester and Victoria T. Fields

Ethnographic reflections of the role of Global North volunteers in sport-for-development
Ryan Lucas and Ruth Jeanes

The structuration of a sporting social system? Northern Ireland fans, Football for All and the creation of the Green and White Army
John Bell, Ian Somerville, and Owen Hargie

From the bottom of a bottle: A sociological examination of the use of alcohol in varsity sport hazing
Jessica W Chin, Jay Johnson, Mary Anne Signer-Kroeker, and Margery Holman

‘CEO equals man’: Gender and informal organisational practices in English sport governance
Lucy V Piggott and Elizabeth CJ Pike

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