International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 17, 2022, Issue 2

Original research

Understanding female coaches’ and practitioners’ experience and support provision in relation to the menstrual cycle
Natalie Brown, Camilla J Knight

Relationships between coach’s leadership, group cohesion, affective states, sport satisfaction and goal attainment in competitive settings
Higinio González-García, Guillaume Martinent, Michel Nicolas

Assessing coaches’ basic psychological need satisfaction and need frustration: preliminary validation from a multidimensional approach
Juan Jose Pulido, Miguel Angel López-Gajardo, Jesús Díaz-García, Miguel Ángel Tapia, Francisco M. Leo

Verbal coping of coaches in competition: Differences depending on emotional intelligence and self-determined motivation
Carles Grijalbo, Rafael Martínez-Gallego, José F Guzmán

Open Access
Practitioner perspectives of athlete recovery in paralympic sport
Sara W Szabo, Michael D Kennedy

Repetitive head impacts in a collegiate football season: Exposure and effects
Laura D Wilson, Rachel A Hildebrand, Trang Le, Brett A McKinney

Three-dimensional mechanics of the rugby tackle, does the ball carrier alter their movement into contact in response to the tackler’s position?
Suzi Edwards, Timana Tahu, Matthew Buchanan, Ross Tucker, Gordon Fuller, Andrew J. Gardner

Design and validation of a tennis tool to control on-court technical and tactical training content
Francisco Penalva, José F Guzmán, Rafael Martínez-Gallego, Miguel Crespo

Open Access
Massed and distributed practice on learning the forehand shot in tennis
Juan Pedro Fuentes-García, Silvia Pulido, Noemí Morales, Ruperto Menayo

Open Access
Can discreet performance banding, as compared to bio-banding, discriminate technical skills in male adolescent soccer players? A preliminary investigation
Jason Moran, Victor Cervera, Benjamin Jones, Edward Hope, Ben Drury, Gavin Sandercock

Multilevel analysis of evolution of team process and their relation to performance in semi-professional soccer
Francisco M Leo, Miguel A López-Gajardo, Juan J Pulido, Inmaculada González-Ponce

How football team composition constrains emergent individual and collective tactical behaviours: Effects of player roles in creating different landscapes for shared affordances in small-sided and conditioned games
Timo Laakso, Keith Davids, Pekka Luhtanen, Jarmo Liukkonen, Bruno Travassos

Pass2vec: Analyzing soccer players’ passing style using deep learning
Hyeonah Cho, Hyunyoung Ryu, Minseok Song

Effects of 4-week small-sided games vs. high-intensity interval training with changes of direction in female collegiate basketball players
Jinshu Zeng, Jing Xu, Yuanhong Xu, Wu Zhou, Fei Xu

Effects of supplemental jump and sprint exercise training on sand on athletic performance of male U17 handball players
Mehrez Hammami, Nawel Gaamouri, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Gaith Aloui, Roy J Shephard, Lee Hill, Beat Knechtle, Mohamed Souhaiel Chelly

Effects of ball properties on throwing in young team-handball beginners
Frowin Fasold, Benjamin Noël, André Nicklas, Fabian Lukac, Stefanie Klatt

Beach volleyball spike arm swing techniques of Olympics and world championships winners (1996–2019) reveal gender differences
George Giatsis, Markus Tilp, Dimitris Hatzimanouil, Christoph Dieckmann, Nick Stergiou

Variations in attack patterns between female and male opposite players in top-level volleyball
Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Sotirios Drikos, Karolina Barzouka


Open Access
The influence of possession status on the physical output of male international hockey players
Eoin Cunniffe, Mark Connor, Marco Beato, Adam Grainger, Walter McConnell, Ulrik McCarthy Persson, Eamonn Delahunt, Colin Boreham, Catherine Blake

Open Access
Low glycemic CHO ingestion minimizes cognitive function decline during a simulated soccer match
Manuel D Quinones, Peter WR Lemon

Open Access
Does periodization work? Athletes perform better in major events than in minor competitions
Pekka Matomäki, Aapo Räntilä

Principles for technology use in athlete support across the skill level continuum
Chris McCosker, Fabian Otte, Martyn Rothwell, Keith Davids

Open Access
Low Energy Availability and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport: What Coaches Should Know
Braeden T. Charlton, Sara Forsyth, David C. Clarke


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