International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 11, 2016, Issue 5

ijssc-dsOriginal research

Divided we fall: Examining the relationship between horizontal communication and team commitment via team cohesion
Seungmo Kim, Marshall J Magnusen, and Damon PS Andrew

Coaches’ and referees’ perceptions of the BokSmart injury prevention programme
James C Brown, Evert Verhagen, Willem van Mechelen, Mike I Lambert, and Catherine E Draper

The effects of induced variability in the performance on shot in soccer
JA García-Herrero, J Sanchez-Sanchez, JM Luis-Pereira, and R Menayo

Does stride length play a role in cricket fast bowling performance outcomes? An observational, cross-sectional study
Wayne Spratford, Claire Kenneally-Dabrowski, Sean Byrne, Amy Hicks, and Marc Portus

Player migration and opportunity: Examining the efficacy of the UEFA home-grown rule in six European football leagues
Steve Bullough, Richard Moore, Simon Goldsmith, and Lee Edmondson

Case study

Preparation, structured deliberate practice and decision making in elite level football: The case study of Gary Neville (Manchester United FC and England)
David E Horrocks, Jim McKenna, Amy E Whitehead, Paul J Taylor, Andy M Morley, and Ian Lawrence

Research note

Quantifying the pressure on the teams batting or bowling in the second innings of limited overs cricket matches
Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee and Hermanus H Lemmer

Special Section on Strength and Conditioning

Physical fitness profile of competitive young soccer players: Determination of positional differences
Mário C Marques, Mikel Izquierdo, Tim J Gabbett, Bruno Travassos, Luís Branquinho, and Roland van den Tillaar

The efficacy of vertical vs. horizontal plyometric training on speed, jumping performance and agility in soccer players
Nikolaos Manouras, Zisis Papanikolaou, Konstantina Karatrantou, Polydoros Kouvarakis, and Vassilis Gerodimos

Effects of a combined technique and agility program on youth soccer players’ skills
Matteo Zago, Massimo Giuriola, and Chiarella Sforza

The acute effect of maximal voluntary isometric contraction pull on start gate performance of snowboard and ski cross athletes
Jade AZ Haycraft, Paul B Gastin, and Sam Robertson

Association between anthropometry, upper extremity strength, and sprint and endurance paddling performance in competitive and recreational surfers
Joseph OC Coyne, Tai T Tran, Josh L Secomb, Lina Lundgren, Oliver RL Farley, Robert U Newton, and Jeremy M Sheppard

Is nine weeks of complex training effective for improving lower body strength, explosive muscle function, sprint and jumping performance?

Coaching sprinting: Expert coaches’ perception of resistance-based training
R Bolger, M Lyons, AJ Harrison, and IC Kenny

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