International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 15, 2020, No. 2


Current Evidence and Practical Applications of Flywheel Eccentric Overload Exercises as Postactivation Potentiation Protocols: A Brief Review
Marco Beato, Stuart A. McErlain-Naylor, Israel Halperin and Antonio Dello Iacono
Pages: 154–161


Changes of Power Output and Velocity During Successive Sets of the Bench Press With Different Duration of Eccentric Movement
Michal Wilk, Michal Krzysztofik, Milosz Drozd and Adam Zajac
Pages: 162–167

Physical and Physiological Determinants of Rock Climbing
Robert MacKenzie, Linda Monaghan, Robert A. Masson, Alice K. Werner, Tansinee S. Caprez, Lynsey Johnston and Ole J. Kemi
Pages: 168–179

The Effects of 10%, 20%, and 30% Velocity Loss Thresholds on Kinetic, Kinematic, and Repetition Characteristics During the Barbell Back Squat
Jonathon Weakley, Carlos Ramirez-Lopez, Shaun McLaren, Nick Dalton-Barron, Dan Weaving, Ben Jones, Kevin Till and Harry Banyard
Pages: 180–188

The Increased Effectiveness of Loaded Versus Unloaded Plyometric Jump Training in Improving Muscle Power, Speed, Change of Direction, and Kicking-Distance Performance in Prepubertal Male Soccer Players
Yassine Negra, Helmi Chaabene, Senda Sammoud, Olaf Prieske, Jason Moran, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Ali Nejmaoui and Urs Granacher
Pages: 189–195

Dynamic Warm-Up With a Weighted Vest: Improvement of Repeated Change-of-Direction Performance in Young Male Soccer Players
Olfa Turki, Wissem Dhahbi, Sabri Gueid, Sami Hmaied, Marouen Souaifi and Riadh Khalifa
Pages: 196–203

Greater Association of Relative Thresholds Than Absolute Thresholds With Noncontact Lower-Body Injury in Professional Australian Rules Footballers: Implications for Sprint Monitoring
Fergus O’Connor, Heidi R. Thornton, Dean Ritchie, Jay Anderson, Lindsay Bull, Alex Rigby, Zane Leonard, Steven Stern and Jonathan D. Bartlett
Pages: 204–212

The Influence of Heat Acclimation and Hypohydration on Post-Weight-Loss Exercise Performance
Oliver R. Barley, Dale W. Chapman, Georgios Mavropalias and Chris R. Abbiss
Pages: 213–221

Effects of Plyometric Versus Optimum Power Load Training on Components of Physical Fitness in Young Male Soccer Players
João Ribeiro, Luís Teixeira, Rui Lemos, Anderson S. Teixeira, Vitor Moreira, Pedro Silva and Fábio Y. Nakamura
Pages: 222–230

High Thermoregulatory Strain During Competitive Paratriathlon Racing in the Heat
Ben T. Stephenson, Sven P. Hoekstra, Keith Tolfrey and Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey
Pages: 231–237

Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training With Progressive Loading on Respiratory Muscle Function and Sports Performance in High-Performance Wheelchair Basketball Athletes: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Cristiane B.B. Antonelli, Charlini S. Hartz, Sileno da Silva Santos and Marlene A. Moreno
Pages: 238–242

Effect of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Mood, Perceived Exertion, and Performance During a 30-Second Wingate Test
Pablo Jodra, Raúl Domínguez, Antonio J. Sánchez-Oliver, Pablo Veiga-Herreros and Stephen J. Bailey
Pages: 243–248

Tart Cherry Juice: No Effect on Muscle Function Loss or Muscle Soreness in Professional Soccer Players After a Match
Will Abbott, Callum Brashill, Adam Brett and Tom Clifford
Pages: 249–254

Reducing the Loss of Velocity and Power in Women Athletes via Rest Redistribution
Justin J. Merrigan, James J. Tufano, Jonathan M. Oliver, Jason B. White, Jennifer B. Fields and Margaret T. Jones
Pages: 255–261

Performance Effects of Carbohydrate Ingestion Between Bouts of Intense Aerobic Interval Exercise
Devin G. McCarthy and Lawrence L. Spriet
Pages: 262–267

Evidence of a Ceiling Effect for Training Volume in Muscle Hypertrophy and Strength in Trained Men—Less is More?
Matheus Barbalho, Victor S. Coswig, James Steele, James P. Fisher, Jurgen Giessing and Paulo Gentil
Pages: 268–277

Changes in Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Capacity After a Trail-Running Race
Nicola Giovanelli, Lea Biasutti, Desy Salvadego, Hailu K. Alemayehu, Bruno Grassi and Stefano Lazzer
Pages: 278–284

Use of Machine Learning to Model Volume Load Effects on Changes in Jump Performance
Kristof Kipp, John Krzyszkowski and Daniel Kant-Hull
Pages: 285–287

Energy Expenditure Equation Choice: Effects on Cycling Efficiency and its Reliability
Arthur H. Bossi, Wouter P. Timmerman and James G. Hopker
Pages: 288–291

Session RPE During Prolonged Exercise Training
Andrea Fusco, Christine Knutson, Charles King, Richard P. Mikat, John P. Porcari, Cristina Cortisand Carl Foster
Pages: 292–294

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