International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 14, 2019, No. 2


Sport Science: Progress, Hubris, and Humility
Carl Foster


Sleep-Related Issues for Recovery and Performance in Athletes
Sarah Kölling, Rob Duffield, Daniel Erlacher, Ranel Venter, and Shona L. Halson


Slowing the Reconstitution of W′ in Recovery With Repeated Bouts of Maximal Exercise
Alan Chorley, Richard P. Bott, Simon Marwood, and Kevin L. Lamb

Effects of Chronic Cold-Water Immersion in Elite Rugby Players
Francisco Tavares, Martyn Beaven, Júlia Teles, Dane Baker, Phil Healey, Tiaki B. Smith, and Matthew Driller

Effects of a Complex Strength-Training Program on Athletic Performance of Junior Female Handball Players
Mehrez Hammami, Nawel Gaamouri, Gaith Aloui, Roy J. Shephard, and Mohamed Souhaiel Chelly

Evidence of the Exercise-Hypogonadal Male Condition at the 2011 Kona Ironman World Championships
David R. Hooper, William J. Kraemer, Rebecca L. Stearns, Brian R. Kupchak, Brittanie M. Volk, William H. DuPont, Carl M. Maresh, and Douglas J. Casa

Validity of a Microsensor-Based Algorithm for Detecting Scrum Events in Rugby Union
Ryan M. Chambers, Tim J. Gabbett, and Michael H. Cole

Effects of a 6-Week Period of Polarized or Threshold Training on Performance and Fatigue in Elite Swimmers
R. Pla, Y. Le Meur, A. Aubry, J.F. Toussaint, and P. Hellard

The Contribution From Cross-Country Skiing and Shooting Variables on Performance-Level and Sex Differences in Biathlon World Cup Individual Races
Harri Luchsinger, Jan Kocbach, Gertjan Ettema, and Øyvind Sandbakk

Increased Rate of Heat Storage, and No Performance Benefits, With Caffeine Ingestion Before a 10-km Run in Hot, Humid Conditions
Nicholas J. Hanson, Sarah C. Martinez, Erik N. Byl, Rachel M. Maceri, and Michael G. Miller

The Effects of Low-Volume, High-Intensity Training on Performance Parameters in Competitive Youth Swimmers
Frank Nugent, Thomas Comyns, Alan Nevill, and Giles D. Warrington

Association Between the Force–Velocity Profile and Performance Variables Obtained in Jumping and Sprinting in Elite Female Soccer Players
Ramón Marcote-Pequeño, Amador García-Ramos, Víctor Cuadrado-Peñafiel, Jorge M. González-Hernández, Miguel Ángel Gómez, and Pedro Jiménez-Reyes

Improvement of Lower-Body Resistance-Exercise Performance With Blood-Flow Restriction Following Acute Caffeine Intake
Diego B. Souza, Michael Duncan, and Marcos D. Polito

Pacing Behavior of Elite Youth Athletes: Analyzing 1500-m Short-Track Speed Skating
Stein G.P. Menting, Marco J. Konings, Marije T. Elferink-Gemser, and Florentina J. Hettinga

Relationships Between Model-Predicted and Actual Match-Play Exercise-Intensity Performance in Professional Australian Footballers During a Preseason Training Macrocycle
Stuart R. Graham, Stuart Cormack, Gaynor Parfitt, and Roger Eston

Comparison of Reduced-Volume High-Intensity Interval Training and High-Volume Training on Endurance Performance in Triathletes
Milos Mallol, David J. Bentley, Lynda Norton, Kevin Norton, Gaizka Mejuto, and Javier Yanci

Comparison of the Effects of Velocity-Based Training Methods and Traditional 1RM-Percent-Based Training Prescription on Acute Kinetic and Kinematic Variables
Harry G. Banyard, James J. Tufano, Jose Delgado, Steve W. Thompson, and Kazunori Nosaka


Measurement Properties of an Adductor Strength-Assessment System in Professional Australian Footballers
Samuel Ryan, Thomas Kempton, Emidio Pacecca, and Aaron J. Coutts

The Road to Rio: A Brief Report of Training-Load Distribution of Open-Water Swimmers During the Olympic Season
Roberto Baldassarre, Marco Bonifazi, Romain Meeusen, and Maria Francesca Piacentini

Effect of a Night Game on Actigraphy-Based Sleep Quality and Perceived Recovery in Top-Level Volleyball Athletes
Jacopo A. Vitale, Giuseppe Banfi, Andrea Galbiati, Luigi Ferini-Strambi, and Antonio La Torre


Internal and External Training Load: 15 Years On
Franco M. Impellizzeri, Samuele M. Marcora, and Aaron J. Coutts

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