International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 14, 2019, No. 10


Opening the Door for Others
Stephen S. Cheung
Pages: 1317


Effects of Strength Training on Olympic Time-Based Sport Performance: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Danny Lum and Tiago M. Barbosa
Pages: 1318–1330


Working Overtime: The Effects of Overtime Periods on Game Demands in Basketball Players
Aaron T. Scanlan, Robert Stanton, Charli Sargent, Cody O’Grady, Michele Lastella and Jordan L. Fox
Pages: 1331–1337

Technical and Tactical Training Load in Professional Volleyball Players
Thiago S. Duarte, Danilo L. Alves, Danilo R. Coimbra, Bernardo Miloski, João C. Bouzas Marins and Maurício G. Bara Filho
Pages: 1338–1343

Improved Sprint Performance With Inhaled Long-Acting β2-Agonists Combined With Resistance Exercise
Michele Merlini, Greg Whyte, Sam Marcora, Mike Loosemore, Neil Chester and John Dickinson
Pages: 1344–1349

Effects of External Counterpulsation on Postexercise Recovery in Elite Rugby League Players
Llion A. Roberts, Johnpaul Caia, Lachlan P. James, Tannath J. Scott and Vincent G. Kelly
Pages: 1350–1356

Peak Age and Performance Progression in World-Class Weightlifting and Powerlifting Athletes
Paul A. Solberg, Will G. Hopkins, Gøran Paulsen and Thomas A. Haugen
Pages: 1357–1363

Applying the Critical Power Model to a Full-Body Resistance-Training Movement
Taylor K. Dinyer, M. Travis Byrd, Ashley N. Vesotsky, Pasquale J. Succi and Haley C. Bergstrom
Pages: 1364–1370

The Interval-Based Physiological and Mechanical Demands of Cross-Country Ski Training
Pål Haugnes, Jan Kocbach, Harri Luchsinger, Gertjan Ettema and Øyvind Sandbakk
Pages: 1371–1377

Changes of Hydration Measures in Elite National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Wrestlers
Emily C. Borden, William J. Kraemer, Bryant J. Walrod, Emily M. Post, Lydia K. Caldwell, Matthew K. Beeler, William H. DuPont, John Paul Anders, Emily R. Martini, Jeff S. Volek and Carl M. Maresh
Pages: 1378–1381

Validity of the Velocomp PowerPod Compared With the Verve Cycling InfoCrank Power Meter
Paul F.J. Merkes, Paolo Menaspà and Chris R. Abbiss
Pages: 1382–1387

Sprint Mechanical Properties in Handball and Basketball Players
Thomas A. Haugen, Felix Breitschädel and Stephen Seiler
Pages: 1388–1394

The Influence of Exercise Intensity on the Association Between Kilojoules Spent and Various Training Loads in Professional Cycling
Teun van Erp, Marco Hoozemans, Carl Foster and Jos J. de Koning
Pages: 1395–1400

Effect of Environmental Temperature on High-Intensity Intervals in Well-Trained Cyclists
Jason R. Boynton, Fabian Danner, Paolo Menaspà, Jeremiah J. Peiffer and Chris R. Abbiss
Pages: 1401–1407

Open access
Blood-Flow-Restriction Training: Validity of Pulse Oximetry to Assess Arterial Occlusion Pressure
Zhen Zeng, Christoph Centner, Albert Gollhofer and Daniel König
Pages: 1408–1414

Acute Enhancement of Jump Performance, Muscle Strength, and Power in Resistance-Trained Men After Consumption of Caffeinated Chewing Gum
Sandro Venier, Jozo Grgic and Pavle Mikulic
Pages: 1415–1421

Effects of Caffeine on Exertion, Skill Performance, and Physicality in Ice Hockey
Robyn F. Madden, Kelly A. Erdman, Jane Shearer, Lawrence L. Spriet, Reed Ferber, Ash T. Kolstad, Jessica L. Bigg, Alexander S.D. Gamble and Lauren C. Benson
Pages: 1422–1429

Reproducibility of Acute Steroid Hormone Responses in Men to Short-Duration Running
Diogo V. Leal, Lee Taylor and John Hough
Pages: 1430–1437


On Top to the Top—Acclimatization Strategy for the “Fastest Known Time” to Mount Everest
Grégoire P. Millet and Kilian Jornet
Pages: 1438–1441

Precision of 7 Commercially Available Devices for Predicting Bench-Press 1-Repetition Maximum From the Individual Load–Velocity Relationship
Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Antonio Piepoli, Gabriel Garrido-Blanca, Gabriel Delgado-García, Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández and Amador García-Ramos
Pages: 1442–1446


Does Mathematical Coupling Matter to the Acute to Chronic Workload Ratio? A Case Study From Elite Sport
Joseph O.C. Coyne, Sophia Nimphius, Robert U. Newton and G. Gregory Haff
Pages: 1447–1454

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