Dance, health and wellbeing—Ausdance National Newsletter #5, September 2014

dance-australiaAbout Ausdance

We design and deliver accessible and sustainable services to support Australian dance professionals.

We are part of a network of Ausdance organisations delivering integrated programs across the country, anticipating industry issues and providing innovative and inclusive responses.

Our mission, our aims

Our mission is to educate, inspire and support the dance community to reach its potential as a dynamic force within local, national and international communities. This means we aim to:

  • provide leadership in dance education, advocacy, policy development and debate.
  • provide a national voice for dance development in Australia.
  • champion innovation, creativity and diversity in dance.
  • encourage access to and understanding of dance in communities throughout Australia.
  • assist in identifying and promoting all dance traditions that exist in Australia, in recognition of their cultural importance.
  • foster international links with dance and dance-related organisations.

In the latest Newsletter

  • National Dance Forum 2015
  • Creating health, wellbeing and social change—see how Australian dance companies are doing it!
  • Dance for Parkinson’s: a journey of movement that builds confidence, creativity & community
  • Arts, health and wellbeing resources
  • Ausdance Vic’s The Alice Project

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