Communication & Sport, Vol. 10, 2022, No. 5 | Sport and Mediatization: Sports Events and Cultures Across the World


Open Access
Rediscovering Mediatization of Sport
Simon Ličen, Kirsten Frandsen, Thomas Horky, Chuka Onwumechili, and Wei Wei


Video Assistant Referee in a Small-Nation Context: Intensified Mediatization
Kirsten Frandsen and Kirstine Landgrebe

Mediatized Engagements with Technologies: “Reviewing” the Video Assistant Referee at the 2018 World Cup
Carlos d’Andréa and Markus Stauff

Sports Newsrooms Versus In-House Media: Cheerleading and Critical Reporting in News and Match Coverage
Peter English

Open Access
“On the Tour, They’re Always Sticking a Microphone in Your Face”: Mediatization of Professional Tennis From the 1980s to the Early 2010s
Lena Küpper, Greta Kossing, and Thomas Birkner

Mediatization in Times of Pandemic: How German Grassroots Sports Clubs Employed Digital Media to Overcome Communication Challenges During COVID-19 Christiana Schallhorn, Daniel Nölleke, Philip Sinner, Christof Seeger, Jörg-Uwe Nieland, Thomas Horky, and Katja Mehler

Open Access
Mediatization and Self-Organized Leisure Sports: A Finnish Perspective
Veera Ehrlén

A Public Service? Mediatization of the Olympic Games in Croatia and Slovenia Simon Ličen, Dunja Antunovic, and Sunčica Bartoluci

A Smarter and Greener Olympics: Mediatization and Public Reception in the Preparation Stage of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
Lin Shi and Liwen Zhang

Lance Armstrong 5 minutes from winning record 6th Tour de France, 2004 (Shutterstock/Marc Pagani Photography)

Mediatization and Doping: Investigating the Interplay in News Framing of Rider/Doping Suspicion During the Tour de France
Leah Stanley

Open Access
Paralympic Broadcasting in Sub-Saharan Africa: Sport, Media and Communication for Social Change
Jessica Noske-Turner, Emma Pullen, Mufunanji Magalasi, Damian Haslett, and Jo Tacchi

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