Communication & Sport, Vol. 10, 2022, No. 4


Open Access
Gender, Sports, and Cultural Barometers: The State of Play in the Year 2022
Andrew C. Billings and Marie Hardin

Research Articles

How Nissin Represented Naomi Osaka: Race, Gender, and Sport in Japanese Advertising
Michelle H. S. Ho and Hiromi Tanaka

“That is Terrible News!”: Media Framing of Mamba Mentality Within Contemporary U.S. Racial and Gender Politics
Ryan Chen, M. A. Rochon, and Lauren C. Anderson

Open Access
Racing for Representation: A Visual Content Analysis of North American Running Magazine Covers
Jenna Seyidoglu, Candace Roberts, Francine Darroch, Heather Hillsburg, Amy Schneeberg, Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, Molly Huddle, and Alysia Montaño

Open Access
#Gramming Gender: The Cognizance of Equality on Instagram Accounts of Prominent NCAA Athletic Departments
Rich G. Johnson, Miles Romney, and Benjamin Burroughs

Gendered Body of Turkish Bikini Fitness Athletes on Instagram
İrem Kavasoğlu and Canan Koca

Open Access
Challenging Hegemony Through Narrative: Centering Women’s Experiences and Establishing a Sis-Science Culture Through a Women-Only Doping Forum

Recontextualizing Barstool Sports and Misogyny in Online US Sports Media
Christopher J. Garcia and Jennifer M. Proffitt

The Gender of Sports News: Horizontal Segregation and Marginalization of Female Journalists in the Swiss Press
Lucie Schoch

Fragmenting Feminine-Athletic Identities: Identity Turning Points During Girls’ Transition into High School
Alaina C. Zanin, Laura V. Martinez, and Lucy C. Niess

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