Call of Papers | On Fight, a Hybrid Conference | Portugal/Brazil, May 23–24, 2024. Call ends March 30, 2024


Martial arts, combat sports, and all forms of fighting in general, are globally overshadowed by the prejudice of violence and blood, inhabiting a black and degrading zone of irrationality. This socially disseminated idea couldn’t be further from the truth: the various martial forms can only exist according to discipline, fair play and self-control. Otherwise they would just be a Roman arena full of dust and death at every training session, event and confrontation. While for centuries its existence was linked to a military and warlike universe, modernity has seen the emancipation of sport as a game and as a way of learning self-defense.

Today, there is no denying the social, formative and educational value that learning different forms of fighting promotes, beyond the natural implications for health, bonding and interpersonal relationships. The increasing formalization of the teaching, practice and sporting and organizational management of the various disciplines allows us to understand and value not only the enormous economic impact it has at a global and local level, but also the demystification of some prejudices in the discovery of axiology, ethics and aesthetics, far beyond the specific technical exercise, as culture, tolerance and knowledge among practitioners from all over the world.

The conference ON FIGHT, focused on the relationship between Philosophy and Sport, seeks to constitute a horizon for specific or interdisciplinary reflections and contributions, promoting the sharing of research, critical thinking and practice. The conference will have a free and open spirit, but encourages the submission of proposals, only as an indication, on the following themes:

      1. Philosophy of Sport
      2. Ontology of struggle
      3. Specific disciplines
      4. Epistemology of combat sports and martial arts
      5. Violence
      6. Ethics, Axiology and forms of struggle
      7. Weapons
      8. Fighting and Olympism
      9. The body
      10. Mental health and combat sports / martial arts
      11. Aesthetics and culture
      12. Sport and spirituality
      13. Case studies
      14. History of sport


Abstracts should be sent to the email addresses and, should not exceed 500 words, and with 3 to 5 keywords. They can be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English and should be accompanied by a short biographical note and a high-resolution photograph of the author.

Presentations will last 20 minutes in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

The conference texts will be published in printed and e-book format in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Participation and attendance are free.

Important Dates

Submission: until March 30, 2024
Notification of decision: April 5, 2024

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