Call for Proposals | “New Femininities in Digital, Physical and Sporting Cultures” | New book series from Palgrave Macmillan

About the series

Palgrave’s New Femininities in Digital, Physical and Sporting Cultures series is dedicated to exploring emerging forms and expressions of femininity, feminist activism and politics in an increasingly global, consumer and digital world. Books in this series focus on the latest conceptual, methodological and theoretical developments in feminist thinking about bodies, movement, physicality, leisure and technology to understand and problematize new framings of feminine embodiment. Globally inclusive, and featuring established and emerging scholars from multi-disciplinary fields, the series is characterized by an interest in advancing research and scholarship concerning women’s experiences of physical culture in a variety of cultural contexts.

The first book in the series is announced for publication during 2018. New Sporting Femininities: Embodied Politics in Postfeminist Times is edited by the series editors and is presented thus:

This edited collection critically explores new and emerging models of female athleticism in an era characterised as postfeminist. It approaches postfeminism through a critical lens to investigate new forms of politics being practiced by women in physical activity, sport and online spaces at the intersections of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and ability.

New Sporting Femininities features chapters on celebrity athletes such as Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey, alongside studies of the online fitspo movement and women’s growing participation in activities like roller derby, skateboarding and football. In doing so, it highlights key issues and concerns facing diverse groups of women in a rapidly changing gender-sport landscape. This collection sheds new light on the complex and often contradictory ways that women’s athletic participation is promoted, experienced and embodied in the context of postfeminism, commodity feminism and emerging forms of popular feminism.

Contact for proposals

We welcome proposals from scholars working across disciplinary boundaries including sport, education, health, sociology, management, media, culture, youth, postcolonial and gender studies. Please contact the series editors or Sharla Plant, Publisher sociology and social policy <>, for more details.

Editorial board

  • Prof Sarah Banet-Weiser, UCLA, US
  • A/Prof Roberta Sassatelli, Milan, IT
  • Prof Pirkko Markula, Alberta, CA
  • Prof Anna Hickey-Moody, RMIT, AUST
  • Prof Shirley Tate, Leeds Beckett, UK
  • Prof Simone Fullagar, Bath, UK
  • Dr Sertac Sehlikoglu, Cambridge, UK
  • Dr Aarti Ratna, Leeds Beckett, UK
  • Prof Jinxia Dong, Beijing, CH

Series editors

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