Call for Papers | “Field Hockey Histories: Local, National, and Global”, Special Issue of International Journal of the History of Sport | Call ends February 28, 2023

Special Issue Editors

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Despite its enormous popularity as a grassroots participant sport, its appearance at the Olympic Games since 1908 for men (and since 1980 for women), and the regular cycle of regional and international championships, academic studies exploring the history of field hockey are relatively scarce beyond its role in early women’s sport activities. Also rare are works that attempt to explore the game in a global context.

The three editors are planning to establish the Field Hockey History Network, an online community of scholars with an interest in the history of field hockey, with the support of The Hockey Museum in Woking, England.  Our intention is to create a special issue that spans a variety of aspects related to the history of the sport around the globe by means of papers that explore the development of field hockey at individual, club, local, county/state, national, or international level in diverse regions.

Possible perspectives or themes that could be addressed in an historical framework include:

      • Biography
      • Culture
      • Gender and/or sexuality
      • Heritage
      • Management
      • Media
      • Nationalism and/or national identity
      • Olympic inclusion, including the Youth Olympic Games
      • Politics and/or diplomacy
      • Race and/or ethnicity

The special issue editors are looking for a broad geographical focus among the papers as the sport of field hockey has a strong presence on all six continents.

It is expected that all papers will adopt an appropriate historical and/or biographical methodology. Submissions with a strong heritage focus or that draw on a wide array of primary sources are especially welcome.


Scholars intending to submit a manuscript should email their paper title, abstract, and keywords to Geoff Watson at by February 28, 2023.

Scholars whose papers are accepted will be notified no later than March 30, 2023, with final papers to be submitted via Taylor &Francis’ online submission portal by June 30, 2023.

Article Submission Instructions

Anyone interested in joining the Field Hockey History Network but who is not able, at this time, to submit a paper for this special issue should please contact Rob Hess at

For questions about this Special Issue, please contact Geoff Watson,

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