Call for Chapters | African Sports: Past and Present | Edited by Michael Gennaro



  • Michael Gennaro, Ph.D., Grambling State University
  • Saheed Aderinto, Ph.D., Western Carolina University.
Ad Hoc Committee on Drafting International Convention Against Apartheid in Sports Holds First 1983 Meeting. Seen at the presiding table during the meeting are, from left, Assistant Secretary-General Enuga S. REDDY, Centre Against Apartheid; Committee Chairman Ernest B. MAYCOCK (Barbados); and Committee Secretary Salih ARAIM. 20/Jan/1983. UN Photo/Yutaka Nagata. (Source: United Nations Photo Flickr stream.)
Ad Hoc Committee on Drafting International Convention Against Apartheid in Sports Holds First 1983 Meeting. (Source: United Nations Photo Flickr stream.)

Sport, historically and presently, holds significant value and has an intricate relationship in African societies. For many Africans, sports are a way of life, a site of cultural heroes, a way out of poverty and social mobility, and/or a site for leisurely play. This volume seeks to explore how sports can render a window to unlocking complex social, political, economic, and gendered relations across Africa and the Diaspora. It will focus on the many ways in which sport uniquely reflects changing cultural trends at diverse levels of African societies. There has been a noticeable upsurge in the scholarship on African sports, and this volume will complement and expand on recent works to highlight the importance, variety, and impact of sport within the African continent and of African Diaspora.


This edited book will be a collection of well-researched essays that identify and examine the various interconnections of sports, Africa, and the African Diaspora. We seek both theoretical and empirical submissions from scholars across the humanities and social sciences.

Topics for consideration may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sport and Leisure in an African Context
  2. Racism and Sport
  3. Colonialism
  4. Sport and Ethno-cultural Identity
  5. Consumption of Sport
  6. Regional Variations of Sport
  7. Precolonial Sport and Sporting Traditions
  8. Politicization of Sport and Political Action
  9. Nation-building and Sport
  10. Sport and Labor
  11. Sport and Entrepreneurship
  12. Sport and Fandom
  13. Sports and the African Diaspora
  14. Africans and the Olympics/International Competitions
  15. Children, Youth, and Sport
  16. Women, Gender, and Sexualities in African Sport
  17. Nationalism and Sport
  18. Sport, Corruption, and Violence

Interested contributors should submit a short (200-250 word) proposal and CV via email to Prof. Michael Gennaro and Prof. Saheed Aderinto at:

Proposals due November 1st, 2016; Full chapter contributions (no longer than 10,000 words, including Works Cited) should be submitted in Chicago style, by February 1st, 2017.

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