Call for Book Chapters on Metaverse and Sport. Call ends December 15, 2022

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Publishing House Hexis ( opens the call for chapters for the book on Metaverse and sports. The coordinators of the book are Luisa Ávila da Costa, Migle Laukyte and José Luis Pérez Triviño.

The main topics of this book are the impact and the challenges of metaverse for (not exhaustive list of topics):

      1. Health and Training (physical preparation, performance, physiology, biomechanics, medical problems, etc.)
      2. Sports Law and Rights (contracts, betting, privacy, health, privacy, data protection, non-discrimination, equality, freedom of expression, etc,);
      3. Sports Industry, Media and Sports Management (clubs, federations and fans relationships, governance, TV broascasts, facilities, management, etc);
      4. Philosophical and sociological approach (ethics, sport values, sports definition; competitions; social relationships in the metaverse; challenges and opportunities in the education through sport; etc)

The chapters can be written either in Spanish or in English.

Extent: 10-20 pages. The chapters have to include abstract (up to 200 words), keywords (up to 7), introduction, body of text, conclusions and reference list.

Format: Times New Roman 12, footnotes 10, line spacing 1.5, citing system: APA 7.

The deadline for submission is December 15, 2022: Two copies must be sent, one with authorship information and the other anonymized. to the coordinators’s emails.

All the submitted chapters will undergo a blind peer-review. The publication of the book is scheduled for first trimester of 2023.

All questions and doubts should be directed to:,,

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