BSSH South Sport and Leisure History Seminar—Spring 2015 Program

Suzanne Lenglen.

Those of our readers lucky enough to be in or around London in the next couple of months, do join one or all of the BSSH South Sport and Leisure History Seminars for a series of outstanding meetings guaranteed to whet your appetite for the history of all kinds of sport and all kinds of leisure.

Spring 2015 Programme

12 Jan: Suzanne Rowland (University of Brighton)
Suzanne Lenglen to Serena Williams: An Object-Focused Investigation into the Role of Fashion in Women’s Tennis Dress

Dr Robert James (University of Portsmouth)
Patriotism, Pathos and Pride: Interwar Cinema-going in the Naval Port Town of Portsmouth
Dr Chris O’Rourke (University College London)
‘Young Men with Beards and Young Women in Homespun Cloaks’: London’s Early Art Cinemas and their Audiences

9 Feb: Dr Alex Jackson (National Football Museum)
Producing Public History: How the National Football Museum Created ‘The Greater Game: The History of Football in World War One’

Charlotte Jones (University College London)
Promoting Wellbeing through Leisure: The Case of the Turkish bath in Victorian Britain
Dr Jade Shephard (Queen Mary University of London)
A ‘Murderer’s Paradise’: Leisure and the Treatment of Criminal Lunatics in Late-Victorian Broadmoor

9 Mar: Dr Stanley Arnold (Northern Illinois University)
‘I Saw My Name on the Board’: Race, Gender and the Summer Olympics, 1932–1948

23 Mar: Dr Josephine Kane (University of Westminster)
‘A Fortune in a Thrill!’: Early Amusement Parks in Britain, 1900–1939

The Sport and Leisure History Seminar is organised by the London Branch of the BSSH South Network. The seminars take place in the Olga Crisp Room (102) of the Institute of Historical Research (Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU) at 5:15 PM on Mondays fortnightly.

If you would like to find out more about the network, please get in touch at If you would like to enquire about giving a paper at the seminar, please contact us at You can also join our network mailing list here:, and follow us on Twitter at

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