Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity Volume 6, Issue 3

bjhpa-dsComparing the physical activity patterns of 3-year-old Finnish and Australian children during childcare and homecare days
Soini, Anne / Watt, Anthony / Tammelin, Tuija / Soini, Markus / Sääkslahti, Arja / Poskiparta, Marita
Page 171

Gender differences in Body Mass Index and physical activity of students of the University of Tuzla
Atikovic, Almir / Hodzic, Sanjin / Bilalic, Jasmin / Mehinovic, Jasmin / Mujanovic, Amra Nozinovic / Mujanovic, Edin / Kapidzic, Alen
Page 183

An analysis of the barbell motion depending on its weight in disabled powerlifting
Seidel, Wojciech / Zurowska, Anna
Page 193

Gender differences in the Achilles tendon load during the fencing lunge
Sinclair, Jonathan Kenneth / Bottoms, Lindsay
Page 199

Association of the ACTN3 R577X polymorphism in Polish rowers
Jastrzebski, Zbigniew / Leonska-Duniec, Agata / Kolbowicz, Marek / Tomiak, Tomasz
Page 205

Effect of moderate and high intensity training sessions on cardiopulmonary chemosensitivity and time-based characteristics of response in high performance rowers
Tomiak, Tomasz / Mishchenko, Viktor / Lusenko, Elena / Diachenko, Andrej / Korol, Adam
Page 211

Motives for participation in active sport tourism – participants of holiday windsurfing camps
Tomik, Rajmund / Gorska, Katarzyna / Staszkiewicz, Adam / Polechonski, Jacek
Page 222

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