Veckans olympiska Routledge-tema: Women and the Games

Routledge har skapat en olympisk temasida där man samlar artiklar och böcker ut förlagets omfattande idrottsforskningsutgivning kring ett visst tema.

Featured books and chapters

The Most Important Photograph in the History of Women’s Olympic Participation: Jennie Fletcher and the British 4×100 Freestyle relay team at the Stockholm 1912 Games
Jean Williams

Outsiders: Muslim Women and Olympic Games – Barriers and Opportunities
Gertrud Pfister

Rules and reform: eligibility, gender differences, and the Olympic Games
Sarah Teetzel

Cathy Freeman and Australia’s Indigenous heritage: a new beginning for an old nation at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Leanne White

“The More Things Change, the More They …”: Commentary During Women’s Ice Hockey at the 2010 Olympic Games
Kelly Poniatowski & Marie Hardin

The Olympic Movement and Islamic culture: conflict or compromise for Muslim women?
Tansin Benn & Symeon Dagkas

The Sports Woman as a Cultural Challenge: Swedish Popular Press Coverage of the Olympic Games during the 1950s and 1960s
Helena Tolvhed

Book review: Olympic Women and the Media
Sarah Gray

The modern Olympic Movement, women’s sport and the social order during the inter-war period
Florence Carpentier &  Jean-Pierre Lefèvre

Selling Femininity: The Introduction of Women’s Rowing at the 1976 Olympic Games
Amanda N. Schweinbenz

Featured books and chapters

Sporting Females: Critical Issues in the History and Sociology of Women’s Sport, Ch. 9: Olympic women: A struggle for recognition
Jennifer Hargreaves

Muslim women and sports
Tansin Benn, Gertrud Pfister, and Haifaa  Jawad

Women, Sport, Society
Roberta Park, Patricia Vertinsky

Women in Sports History
Carol Osborne, Fiona Skillen

Sport and Women: Social Issues in International Perspective
Gertrude Pfister, Ilse Hartmann-Tews


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