Theme of the Month from Routledge in July, Doping and Cycling: Scrutinising the Most Superhuman Sport


This month, Professor Andy Miah shares his views on the issue of ‘Doping’ in sport. You can view his essay and watch his video here.

Giving special attention to Cycling in time for the Tour de France, Professor Miah considers the difference of view and opinion amongst academic disciplines and doping authorities and addresses questions such as:

What does doping mean for sport? What does doping mean for society? What constitutes doping? Is doping a public health problem? How has the anti-doping authority handled this issue?

With free access until 31st July 2013*, find out more about this month’s theme today and view the collection of articles which have been grouped into the following areas: cycling, history, philosophy, policy, science and sociology.

Simply click here to visit the collection!

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* After which time the list in intact but the links lead to abstracts rather than the full text article.

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