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    Call for Papers | Longer Distance Cycling: roles, requirements and impacts | Special Issue of Active Travel Studies. Call ends November 16, 2020

    While the combination of longer distance good quality infrastructure and e-bikes could act as an encouragement for some, the combination of the two may not be attractive to others. Overall the special issue is interested in the potential contribution of longer distance cycling and its implications, good and bad. On the positive side, there may be gains in accessibility and inclusion; on the negative, longer distance cycling may deter shorter (slower) cycling trips.

    PhD position for research on doping and professional cycling at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lausanne

    The main research area is about doping in elite road cycling. The data collection and analysis are mainly qualitative (interviews with riders, sports directors, trainers, physicians) and relate to: the interplay between riders’ socialisation and teams’ organisation, the careers in elite cycling, the production of performance, the physical preparation, the use of pharmacological products (e.g. doping).

    Call for Papers | The Future of Cycling: Challenges and Possibilities, Cambridge, New Zealand, October 2, 2015

    Join us at the ‘Home of Cycling’ in Cambridge, New Zealand for a one-day symposium to discuss the challenges and potential of cycling. The symposium will also offer a half-day pre-fix event with a tour of the Home of Cycling, ‘Have a Go’ velodrome track session, and welcome drinks.

    Göteborgs cykelfestival, den 3–4 maj 2014

    Den 3–4 maj fylls Frilagret i lagerhuset (Heurlins plats 1, bakom Folkets hus vid Järntorget) med cykelkultur. Filmer, föreläsningar, utställningar, cykelturer, loppis, fest och tävlingar – vi hoppas att Göteborgs cykelfestival kommer att bli en återkommande mötesplats för alla oss som har cyklar och cykling som passion. Bland programpunkterna kan följande noteras: Åsa Maria Erlandsson, tävlingcyklist, berättar om livet som idrottare...

    Theme of the Month from Routledge: Cycling

    What does cycling mean to you? The modern world has never been more engaged with cycling, and to celebrate the popularity of the bike we have created a collection of articles, special issues and books from the past 5 years, with subthemes covering Cycling in the City, Planning for Cycling, Sustainable Transport, Cycling for Leisure, Competitive Cycling, Improving Performance, Scientific Research...

    Theme of the Month from Routledge in October: All 2013 Topics Revisited

    Routledge is taking a look back at its Themes of the Month in 2013 and giving us ll access to the entire collection for freefor one month only! Click here for your last chance to enjoy these collections. The themes so far this year have been: Rugby, tailored to the Six Nations; Sport, Physical Activity and Health, in support of World Cancer Day; Women in Sport, in support...

    Theme of the Month from Routledge in July, Doping and Cycling: Scrutinising the Most Superhuman Sport

    This month, Professor Andy Miah shares his views on the issue of ‘Doping’ in sport. You can view his essay and watch his video here. Giving special attention to Cycling in time for the Tour de France, Professor Miah considers the difference of view and opinion amongst academic disciplines and doping authorities and addresses questions such as: What does doping mean for sport? What...

    Call for Papers: Anthology on bicycling in literature and film

    Abstracts due:  August 1st (250-300 words; include contact info and short bio or CV) Final essays due: February 2014 The American author Christopher Morley once said: “The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets.” As Morley’s quote suggests, many people have perceived an intimate connection between cycling and literature, and this edited collection aims to...

    ”The Lance Lecture” – föreläsning om doping, Lance Armstrong och Tour de France av Angela Schneider.

    Angela Schneider är en av världens främsta experter vad gäller dopning, etik och cykelsport, med speciell inriktning på Lance Armstrong. Angela Schneider har varit medlem i WADA (den internationella antidopningsbyrån) och Director of Ethics and Education där. Torsdagen den 21 februari kl 13.15 håller hon en föreläsning i Orkanen (D131) på Malmö högskola: The Lance Lecture. Föreläsningen kommer kretsa kring Lance Armstrong, dopning och Tour...

    Senaste nyhetsbrevet (#52) från Idrættens Analyseinstitut

    Ur innehållet: Modstand mod højere karantæner: WADA’s planer om at fordoble standardudelukkelsen for dopingmisbrug fra to til fi re år møder dansk kritik før det politiske slutspil senere på året om et nyt internationalt antidoping-kodeks. Dopingbekæmpelse står ved korsvej: Armstrong-sagen viser, at traditionel dopingkontrol ikke kan stå alene, lyder vurderingen i WADA og Anti Doping Danmark. Idrætsforsker Verner Møller anfægter rationalet bag den konventionelle dopingbekæmpelse. Kommentar: Er dopingkampen...
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