The Sport Psychologist, Volume 31, 2017, Issue 3

Applied Research

Longitudinal Changes in Elite Rowers’ Challenge and Threat Appraisals of Pressure Situations: A Season-Long Observational Study
Samuel J.D. Cumming, Martin J. Turner, and Marc Jones

Regulating Preperformance Psychobiosocial States with Music
Thierry R.F. Middleton, Montse C. Ruiz, and Claudio Robazza

Desperate to Quit: A Narrative Analysis of Burnout and Recovery in High-Performance Sports Coaching
Peter Olusoga and Göran Kenttä

The Effects of REBT, and the Use of Credos, on Irrational Beliefs and Resilience Qualities in Athletes
Saqib Deen, Martin James Turner, and Rebecca S.K. Wong

Examining the Effectiveness of a Rational Emotive Personal-Disclosure Mutual-Sharing (REPDMS) Intervention on the Irrational Beliefs and Rational Beliefs of Greek Adolescent Athletes
Evangelos Vertopoulos and Martin J. Turner

Effects of an Improvisation Intervention on Elite Figure Skaters’ Performance, Self Esteem, Creativity, and Mindfulness Skills
Véronique Richard, Wayne Halliwell, and Gershon Tenenbaum

The Relationship Between Mindfulness and Life Stress in Student-Athletes: The Mediating Role of Coping Effectiveness and Decision Rumination
Mariana Kaiseler, Jamie M. Poolton, Susan H. Backhouse, and Nick Stanger

Professional Practice

Vulnerability: Ripples From Reflections on Mental Toughness
Mark A. Uphill and Brian Hemmings

Facilitating Positive Youth Development by Fostering Collaboration Among Community-Based Sport and Physical Activity Programs
Al Petitpas, Judy Van Raalte,

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