The Sport Psychologist Volume 29, Issue 4, December 2015

tsp-dsApplied Research

Testing the Effects of a Self-Determination Theory-Based Intervention with Youth Gaelic Football Coaches on Athlete Motivation and Burnout
Edel Langan, Catherine Blake, John Toner, Chris Lonsdale

Dynamic Stability of Task-Related Thoughts in Trained Runners
Sergi Garcia, Selen Razon, Robert Hristovski, Natàlia Balagué, Gershon Tenenbaum

A Pilot Study Investigating the Reasons for Playing Through Pain and Injury: Emerging Themes in Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Rugby
Leilani Madrigal, Jamie Robbins, Diane L. Gill, Katherine Wurst

Psychosocial Development in Youth Soccer Players: Assessing the Effectiveness of the 5Cs Intervention Program
Chris G. Harwood, Jamie B. Barker, Richard Anderson

Effects of Various Cognitive Video Stimulations on the Measured Stamina of Runners
Benoît Raphaël Gonzales, Vincent Hagin, Peter W. Dowrick, Alain Groslambert

Book Review

Doing Exercise Psychology
Jafrā D. Thomas, Allison M. Rasquinha, MooSong Kim, Kim A. Rogers

Professional Practice

John D. Lawther: Contributions to the Psychology of Sport
Alan S. Kornspan

Ultimately It Comes Down to the Relationship: Experienced Consultants’ Views of Effective Sport Psychology Consulting
Lee-Ann Sharp, Ken Hodge, Steve Danish

Spirituality & Sport: Consulting the Christian Athlete
Michael J. Mosley, Desiree’ J. Frierson, Yihan Cheng, Mark W. Aoyagi

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