The Sport Psychologist Volume 27, Issue 3, September 2013

tsp300Applied Research
A Qualitative Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Mental Skills Training Program for Youth Athletes
Lee-Ann Sharp, Charlotte Woodcock, Mark J.G. Holland, Jennifer Cumming, Joan L. Duda

Using Personal-Disclosure Mutual-Sharing to Enhance Group Functioning in a Professional Soccer Academy
Andrew L. Evans, Matthew J. Slater, Martin J. Turner, Jamie B. Barker

Alfred W. Hubbard and the Sport Psychology Laboratory at the University of Illinois, 1950-1970
Alan S. Kornspan

NCAA Division I Coaches’ Perceptions and Preferred Use of Sport Psychology Services: A Qualitative Perspective
Rebecca A. Zakrajsek, Jesse A. Steinfeldt, Kimberly J. Bodey, Scott B. Martin, Sam J. Zizzi

Athletes’ Perceptions of Role Acceptance in Interdependent Sport Teams
Alex J. Benson, Mark Eys, Mark Surya, Kimberley Dawson, Margaret Schneider

Strategies Used and Assistance Required to Facilitate Children’s Involvement in Tennis: Parents’ Perspectives
Camilla J. Knight, Nicholas L. Holt

Research Note
Getting Them on the Same Page: A Method to Study the Consistency of Coaches’ and Athletes’ Situation Understanding During Training Sessions and Competitions
Anne-Claire Macquet

Professional Practice
The Existence of Sport Psychology Services Among NCAA Division I FBS University Athletic Departments and Counseling Centers
Eric W. Hayden, Alan S. Kornspan, Zachary T. Bruback, Michael C. Parent, Matthew Rodgers

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