The Scorecard – new scholarly website for the business and management of sport

Simon Chadwick, professor and editor.
Simon Chadwick, professor and editor.

We learn, by way of Professor Simon Chadwick, Coventry University, UK, of a brand new website – The Scorecard – that’s been  officially launched this week. The Scorecard is edited by Professor Chadwick himself.

The aim is for the site to become the world’s most important online outlet for the world’s leading academic thinkers to publish their views about and insights into the business and management of sport.

The website will publish work on all aspects of the business and management of sport which means you will be able to access articles on anything from marketing to finance, human resource management to governance, and risk management to logistics.

All sports will be covered, including: football, tennis, golf, motorsport, basketball, ice hockey, skiing, athletics, cricket, rugby, baseball and many more.

The website will deliver unique perspectives, distinctive insights, cutting-edge analyses, provocative commentaries and ground-breaking research.

Although The Scorecard will initially focus on football and the Brazilian World Cup, the site is open to submissions about any sport, and from the perspective of any business or management discipline.

Your contribution is invited too – The Scorecard is always keen to receive new, innovative and intelligent ways of looking at the business and management of sport. Please also encourage your colleagues and contacts to make a submission to the site. says good luck to The Scorecard and suggests that you check it out right away!

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