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    New Sports Resource – FranceAndUS

    FranceAndUS aims to build 250 stories of French and American sports voices by the 250th anniversary of the Franco-American diplomatic alliance in 2028 – and the Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Games. The growing archive of Voices can be used in numerous ways as tools for classes, ideas or access points for research, and more. 

    Fodboldspillet sættes under lup i nyt videnssamarbejde

    Playmakeren har en unik evne til at sætte spillet i system og sine medspillere i scene. PLAYMAKER er derfor også blevet navnet på en ny platform hvor Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) og Divisionsforeningen er gået sammen med Syddansk Universitet og fodboldmediet Mediano om at gøre den seneste forskning, metoder og data mere tilgængelig for trænere og andre med en position i hovedsagligt herreelitemiljøet.

    New online journal about sport and leisure history – for academic as well as amateur aficionados

    We recently encountered a new and exciting online publication, Playing Pasts, catering to anyone interested in sport and leisure history – well, English, or British, sport and leisure history. What we’re served are solid research based articles and other texts, sumptuously illustrated, and nicely laid out in the WordPress format. It’s all very readable, so do check it out!

    Introducing ATHLOS – a website dedicated to athletics literature

    The word “ATHLETICS” has its origins in Ancient Greece and in its athletes who competed for prizes at various festivals. Our name – ATHLOS - reflects that ancient legacy. Track and Field Athletics has a long and rich history and has been the central sport of the modern Olympic Games since they began. The origins and culture of Track and...

    The Allrounder is LIVE!

    The Allrounder is a new kind of sports site, for fans who know there’s more to sport. We won’t analyze last weekend’s action, make predictions for the upcoming season, or pass along rumors about trades and transfers. Instead, The Allrounder looks at how sport impacts communities, shapes culture, and taps bodies and emotions. Our writers regularly contribute to academic journals and major media...

    The Scorecard – new scholarly website for the business and management of sport

    We learn, by way of Professor Simon Chadwick, Coventry University, UK, of a brand new website – The Scorecard – that’s been  officially launched this week. The Scorecard is edited by Professor Chadwick himself.The aim is for the site to become the world's most important online outlet for the world’s leading academic thinkers to publish their views about and insights into the...

    Ny webbresurs om idrott i arabvärlden

    Från Mahfoud Amara kommer följande notis:   On behalf of I3SAW' staff, we have the pleasure to announce the launch of the first Society of Sport Sciences in the Arab World (I3SAW). More information about the objectives, missions and thematic research please visit the following link: or I3SAW is composed by scientists and specialists of sport (Academics, teachers, managers, civil servants, journalists, referees, etc); their unique objective...
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