The International Sports Law Journal, Vol. 22, 2022, Issue 3



Open Access
By what standard? Speech-related conduct issues in globalised sports
Myles Bayliss
Pages: 197–204

Open Access
UEFA and the Super League: who is calling who a cartel?
Robby Houben, Jan Blockx, Steve Nuyts
Pages: 205–216

Open Access
Examining procedural fairness in anti-doping disputes: a comparative empirical analysis
Shaun Star, Sarah Kelly
Pages: 217–240


Macolin and beyond: legal and regulatory initiatives against match manipulation
Louis Vandercruysse, An Vermeersch, Tom Vander Beken
Pages: 241–258

Force majeure and changed circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic: the case of sports service contracts and judicial responses in China
Shuqi Li, Peng Nai, Guang Yang, Tao Yu
Pages: 259 – 270

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