The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 35, 2018, Issue 2–3 | Match-Fixing and Sport: Historical Perspectives

Match-Fixing: A Historical Perspective
Mike Huggins
Pages: 123-140

Tanking, Shirking, and Running Dead: The Role of Economics and Large Data Sets in Identifying Competition Corruption and its Causes
Wray Vamplew
Pages: 141-156

Match-Fixing in Cornish Wrestling during the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Michael Tripp
Pages: 157-172

‘Playing Dead’ and Killing Off Amateurism: Bribery Scandals, Illegal Player Payments, Rule Expunging, and the Victorian Football League’s Authorization of Professionalism in 1911
Tony Joel, Mathew Turner & Col Hutchinson
Pages: 173-195

The Perils of Blowing the Whistle: Match-Fixing in Scotland and Australia, 1920s to 2015
Roy Hay
Pages: 196-215

‘The Whole of Poland Saw It, and You Gentlemen are Blind’: Match-Fixing in Polish Football – A Case Study from 1993
Christopher Lash
Pages: 216-230

Manipulation in Athletics: Historical and Contemporary Ties between On- and Off-Field Corruption in the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)
Jörg Krieger
Pages: 231-246

Match-Fixing in Polish Football: Historical Perspectives and Sociological Interpretations
Wojciech Woźniak
Pages: 247-263

The 2012 Olympic Badminton Scandal: Match-Fixing, Code of Conduct Documents, and Women’s Sport
Kelsey Blair
Pages: 264-276

Not All ‘the Evils of Capitalism’: Match-Fixing and the Governance of Chinese Professional Football, 1994–2016
Fuhua Huang, Wenyan Xiao & Huijie Zhang
Pages: 277-292

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