The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 35, 2018, Issue 12–13: Asia Regional Issue

The Singapore Football League, 1904–1941: Towards the Institutionalization of Football in the Colonial Port City of Singapore
Lim Peng Han
Pages: 1217-1237

A Study of the Factor Analysis on the Change in the Title of the Sponsorship of Chinese Professional Football Clubs
Jianjun Lin, Jinjin Dai & Deyi Li
Pages: 1238-1253

The Political Transformation of Golf in Modern South Korea
Youngsam Lim, Gwang Ok & Seungyup Lim
Pages: 1254-1275

An Organizational Life Cycle Approach to Exploring the Elite Sport Legacy of Summer Olympic Host Nations: The Cases of China (Beijing 2008) and Australia (Sydney 2000)
Shushu Chen, Jinming Zheng & Geoff Dickson
Pages: 1276-1305

China’s Decisiveness in Olympic Bids: Leveraging International Sporting Mega-Events to Improve Beijing’s Odds of Success
Marcus P. Chu
Pages: 1306-1324

Foucault’s History of the Present: The Birth of the Games Concept Approach in Singapore’s Physical Education Curriculum
Sheikh Omar Mohamad & Ho Jin Chung
Pages: 1325-1334

The Diffusion and Transmission of Football in the Straits Settlements and Malay States, 1874–1899: Early Inter-Settlement Games and Inter-State Competition Among European Clubs and Teams
Lim Peng Han & Mohd Salleh Aman
Pages: 1335-1355

A Cross-Cultural and Historical Analysis of Chinese Chui Wan in Comparison to Early Scottish Golf
Jie Zhang & Kexiang Wu
Pages: 1356-1368

Experiencing Nationalism in International Sport: The Shanghai Liangjiang Women’s Basketball Tour of Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, 1931–1935
Lin Jiao
Pages: 1369-1389

Leaning towards China: Taiwanese Basketball Talent Migration to the PRC
Wan-Ching Cho, Chih-Fu Cheng, Alan Bairner & Tien-Chin Tan
Pages: 1390-1406

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