Sports, Volume 7, 2019, Issue 7

Cover Story

Skeletal Muscle Fiber Adaptations Following Resistance Training Using Repetition Maximums or Relative Intensity
Kevin M. Carroll, Caleb D. Bazyler, Jake R. Bernards, Christopher B. Taber, Charles A. Stuart, Brad H. DeWeese, Kimitake Sato and Michael H. Stone
Sports 2019, 7(7), 169; doi:10.3390/sports7070169

Featured Papers

Chronic Fish Oil Consumption with Resistance Training Improves Grip Strength, Physical Function, and Blood Pressure in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Sang-Rok Lee, Edward Jo and Andy V. Khamoui
Sports 2019, 7(7), 167; doi:10.3390/sports7070167

Exercise-Induced Mitohormesis for the Maintenance of Skeletal Muscle and Healthspan Extension
Robert V. Musci, Karyn L. Hamilton and Melissa A. Linden
Sports 2019, 7(7), 170; doi:10.3390/sports7070170

Inter- and Intra-Individual Differences in EMG and MMG during Maximal, Bilateral, Dynamic Leg Extensions
John Paul V. Anders, Cory M. Smith, Joshua L. Keller, Ethan C. Hill, Terry J. Housh, Richard J. Schmidt and Glen O. Johnson
Sports 2019, 7(7), 175; doi:10.3390/sports7070175

Motor Competence in Adolescents: Exploring Association with Physical Fitness
Thórdís Gísladóttir, Monika Haga and Hermundur Sigmundsson
Sports 2019, 7(7), 176; doi:10.3390/sports7070176


Nutrition Recommendations for Bodybuilders in the Off-Season: A Narrative Review
Juma Iraki, Peter Fitschen, Sergio Espinar and Eric Helms
Sports 2019, 7(7), 154; doi:10.3390/sports7070154

‘I think I’m gonna hurl’: A Narrative Review of the Causes of Nausea and Vomiting in Sport
Patrick B. Wilson
Sports 2019, 7(7), 162; doi:10.3390/sports7070162

Towards a Sustainable Nutrition Paradigm in Physique Sport: A Narrative Review
Eric R. Helms, Katarina Prnjak and Jake Linardon
Sports 2019, 7(7), 172; doi:10.3390/sports7070172


Hydration Status and Fluid Needs of Division I Female Collegiate Athletes Exercising Indoors and Outdoors
Stephanie Olzinski, Joshua Beaumont, Meynard Toledo, Amber Yudell, Carol S. Johnston and Floris C. Wardenaar
Sports 2019, 7(7), 155; doi:10.3390/sports7070155

An Exploratory Case Study of Mental Toughness Variability and Potential Influencers over 30 Days
Ken Bradford Cooper, Mark Wilson and Martin Ian Jones
Sports 2019, 7(7), 156; doi:10.3390/sports7070156

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Evaluating the Internal Validity of the Reactive Strength Index
Talin Louder, Brennan J. Thompson, Nile Banks and Eadric Bressel
Sports 2019, 7(7), 157; doi:10.3390/sports7070157

Effect of Sports and Growth on Hamstrings and Quadriceps Development in Young Female Athletes: Cross-Sectional Study
Dai Sugimoto, Dennis R. Borg, Anna N. Brilliant, William P. Meehan, Lyle J. Micheli and Ellen T. Geminiani
Sports 2019, 7(7), 158; doi:10.3390/sports7070158

Differences between Elite and Semi-Elite Australian Football Conceptualised through the Lens of Ecological Dynamics
Carl T. Woods, James Jarvis and Ian McKeown
Sports 2019, 7(7), 159; doi:10.3390/sports7070159

Associations between Absolute and Relative Lower Body Strength to Measures of Power and Change of Direction Speed in Division II Female Volleyball Players
Whitney Tramel, Robert G. Lockie, Keston G. Lindsay and J. Jay Dawes
Sports 2019, 7(7), 160; doi:10.3390/sports7070160

Is Perceived Exertion a Useful Indicator of the Metabolic and Cardiovascular Responses to a Metabolic Conditioning Session of Functional Fitness?
Ramires Alsamir Tibana, Nuno Manuel Frade de Sousa, Jonato Prestes, Dahan da Cunha Nascimento, Carlos Ernesto, Joao Henrique Falk Neto, Michael D. Kennedy and Fabrício Azevedo Voltarelli
Sports 2019, 7(7), 161; doi:10.3390/sports7070161

Classification of Soccer and Basketball Players’ Jumping Performance Characteristics: A Logistic Regression Approach
Christos Chalitsios, Thomas Nikodelis, Vassilios Panoutsakopoulos, Christos Chassanidis and Iraklis Kollias
Sports 2019, 7(7), 163; doi:10.3390/sports7070163

Changes in Muscle Power and Muscle Morphology with Different Volumes of Fast Eccentric Half-Squats
Evangelia Zacharia, Polyxeni Spiliopoulou, Spyridon Methenitis, Angeliki-Nikoletta Stasinaki, Nikolaos Zaras, Constantinos Papadopoulos, Giorgos Papadimas, Giorgos Karampatsos, Gregory C. Bogdanis and Gerasimos Terzis
Sports 2019, 7(7), 164; doi:10.3390/sports7070164

The Acceleration and Deceleration Profiles of U-18 Women’s Basketball Players during Competitive Matches
María Reina, Javier García-Rubio, José Pino-Ortega and Sergio J. Ibáñez
Sports 2019, 7(7), 165; doi:10.3390/sports7070165

Understanding the Use of Dietary Supplements among Athlete and Non-Athlete University Students: Development and Validation of a Questionnaire
Dalia El Khoury, John J.M. Dwyer, Lindsay Fein, Paula Brauer, Sydney Brennan and Irene Alfaro
Sports 2019, 7(7), 166; doi:10.3390/sports7070166

The Influence of Maturity Offset, Strength, and Movement Competency on Motor Skill Performance in Adolescent Males
Andrew W. Pichardo, Jon L. Oliver, Craig B. Harrison, Peter S. Maulder, Rhodri S. Lloyd and Rohan Kandoi
Sports 2019, 7(7), 168; doi:10.3390/sports7070168

Burnout and Perceived Performance Among Junior Athletes—Associations with Affective and Cognitive Components of Stress
Frode Moen, Maria Hrozanova, Tore C. Stiles and Frode Stenseng
Sports 2019, 7(7), 171; doi:10.3390/sports7070171

On-Ice Measures of External Load in Relation to Match Outcome in Elite Female Ice Hockey
Adam Douglas, Kathryn Johnston, Joseph Baker, Michael A. Rotondi, Veronica K. Jamnik and Alison K. Macpherson
Sports 2019, 7(7), 173; doi:10.3390/sports7070173

An Approach to the Fatigue in Young Soccer Players Resulting from Sided Games
Daniel Castillo, Javier Yanci, Silvia Sánchez-Díaz and Javier Raya-González
Sports 2019, 7(7), 174; doi:10.3390/sports7070174

The Importance of Fundamental Motor Skills in Identifying Differences in Performance Levels of U10 Soccer Players
Ivan Jukic, Katarina Prnjak, Anja Zoellner, James J. Tufano, Damir Sekulic and Sanja Salaj
Sports 2019, 7(7), 178; doi:10.3390/sports7070178


Calculating Set-Volume for the Limb Muscles with the Performance of Multi-Joint Exercises: Implications for Resistance Training Prescription
Brad J. Schoenfeld, Jozo Grgic, Cody Haun, Takahiro Itagaki and Eric R. Helms
Sports 2019, 7(7), 177; doi:10.3390/sports7070177


An Assessment of Training Characteristics Associated with Atrial Fibrillation in Masters Runners
Martin E. Matsumura and Justin R. Abbatemarco
Sports 2019, 7(7), 179; doi:10.3390/sports7070179

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Vitamin D and Athletic Performance
(Deadline: 31 August 2019)Tackling Performance Challenges in Martial Arts and Combat Sports
(Deadline: 31 August 2019)

Detection of Physiological Parameters in Humans during Exercise
(Deadline: 31 August 2019)

Psychophysiological Response in Sports
(Deadline: 30 September 2019)

Monitoring Physiological Adaptation to Physical Training
(Deadline: 30 September 2019)

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