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June 13–19, 2022


Dear all,

We gave up on the upgraded mail distribution service that we complained about last week. It turned out to be a disservice, so we decided to take things into our own hands, or… yes, well, we turned to Mailchimp for help. And there was help to get, so this Monday morning we sent out an email through the Mailchimp service to all subscribers, with a link to this page. Hopefully it worked.
Last Friday we put out an advert for a new Head of the Department of Sport Sciences, whence originated and still relies on for support. The present Head, Dr. Torun Mattsson, who is also the Publisher of, has been elevated to the position of pro dean for the Faculty of Education and Society. Torun is a staunch supporter of, and she will be missed as publisher; however, she will still be part of the Department and, thus, of the Forum circle, as it were. The Department is a dynamic academic institution, and a great place to work. Read the advert (in the “News” section) and see if you’re the one we’re looking for (you have to master the Swedish language, though)!
This week is the last for publishing original contributions until the start of the fall term. Still, throughout the summer we will report on new journal issues, calls for papers, vacancies and what have you. Not every Monday, but every now and then, the Newsletter will be distributed.
Last week the following items were published on (see below; language and publication dates, YYMMDD, in brackets). Click on the red headings to go to content. Utilize the Google Translate service to turn Scandinavian language pages into (some sort of) English.
Have a great summer holiday!
Kjell Eriksson

Book Reviews

Värmlands guld: Mer än 100 år med värmländsk idrottshistoria by Håkan Kamp m. fl.

Boken Värmlands guld: Mer än 100 år med värmländsk idrottshistoria av Håkan Kamp med flera (Värmlands idrottshistoriska sällskap) handlar om när idrotten kom till Sverige och senare till Värmland. Här presenteras också vinnarna av NWT:s guldmärke 1931–2020. Vår recensent Anders Östnäs har läst boken med stor förtjusning, och kryddar sin recension med egna minnen och erfarenheter av värmländsk idrott i världen. (Published in Swedish 220615.)

Stress, Well-Being, and Performance in Sport by Rachel Arnold & David Fletcher (eds.)

Stress, Well-Being, and Performance in Sport, edited by Rachel Arnold and David Fletcher (Routledge) provides a comprehensive and contemporary overview of stress in sport and its implications on performance and well-being. Our reviewer is sport psychology professor Henrik Gustafsson. He would have loved to read this book as an undergraduate student and coach in cross-country skiing; as a professor he contends that this is the book to go to for insights about stress in sport. (Published in English 220616.)

Pava Lars Nilsson Tuorda: En samisk hjälte by Olle Backman

Idrottshistorikern Isak Lidström, vars doktorsavhandling handlar om samiska spår i skidsportens historia, har läst Olle Backmans <i>Pava Lars Nilsson Tuorda: En samisk hjälte</i> (Visto Förlag). Tuorda medverkade i den andra Dicksonska expeditionen till Grönland 1883 och vann sedermera det första Nordenskiöldsloppet 1884. Vår recensent uppskattar högeligen Backmans forskning och den veritabla bladvändare till bok han skrivit på rak och enkel sakprosa. (Published in Swedish 220617.)

New Issues of Scholarly Journals

(We rely heavily on journal publishers delivering on their promises of new issue alerts. Sometimes they don’t.)

  • Pediatric Exercise Science, Volume 34, 2022, Issue 2 (220613)
  • The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 39, 2022, Issue 1 | Sporting Objects (220615)
  • Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 19, 2022, Issue 5 (220615)
  • Journal of Sport Management, Volume 36, 2022, Issue 3 | State of Literature (22066)
  • International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training, Vol. 27, 2022, Issue 3 (220617)
  • Journal of Olympic Studies, Volume 3, 2022, Number 1 (220618)
  • International Journal of Play, Volume 11, 2022, Issue 1 | Play: Resilience and Vulnerability in Difficult Circumstances, pt. 2 (220619)
  • Event Management: An international journal, Volume 26, 2022, Number 3 (220619)

News items (calls for papers, vacancies, etc.)

  • Call for Papers | “Mediating the East Asian Era of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (2018-2022): Regional Power, Solidarity and Rivalry”, Special Issue of Communication & Sport | Call ends December 1, 2022 (220613)
  • Extended CfP deadline | “Leisure and Fan Activism”, Special Issue of International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure | Call ends July 20, 2022 (220614)
  • Call for Papers | “Sports events in a transmedia landscape”, Special Issue of MedieKultur. Journal of Media and Communication Research | Call ends February 15, 2023 (220614)
  • Disputas | Aspiring leaders at sport events: Perception and enactment of leadership av Annika Bodemar, Norges idrettshøgskole, 20 juni 2022 (220615)
  • Disputas | ”Kjærlighed”,
    ”Sportsgribbe” og ”Cirkusartister”: Amatørførestillingar i norsk idrettsoffentlegheit 1866-1907 av Gudmund Skjeldal, Norges idrettshøgskole, 22 juni 2022 (220616)
  • Lediga platser | Prefekt vid Institutionen för idrottsvetenskap, Malmö universitet | Senaste ansökningsdag den 15 augusti 2022 (220617)


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