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February 5–11, 2024

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Book Reviews

Routledge Handbook of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, by Dikaia Chatziefstathiou, Borja García & Benoit Séguin (eds.)

Germany vs Japan in Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020. Mareike Miller (GER) and Mayumi Tsuchida (JPN) .(Shutterstock/Marco Ciccolella)

Routledge Handbook of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, edited by Dikaia Chatziefstathiou, Borja García & Benoit Séguin (Routledge) presents new research and broad surveys exploring pressing debates, challenges and possible solutions surrounding the modern Olympic and Paralympic Games, across diverse socioeconomic and political contexts. Our reviewer Björn Sandahl contends that the handbook serves as a rich introduction to its field of study and thus should be of great interest to students and the interested general public. (Review in English, published 240206.)

Running, by Lindsey A. Freeman

Lindsey Freeman (Image:

In Running (Duke University Press) former NCAA Division I track athlete, and currently Professor of Sociology, Lindsey A. Freeman presents the feminist and queer handbook of running that she always wanted but could never find. Rather than a handbook, our reviewer Karin S. Lindelöf reads the book as an intelligent, interesting, and well-written sociological and autobiographical queer feminist text on running and writing, queerness, and love that she strongly recommends. (Review in English, published 240208.)

When Women Stood: The Untold History of Females Who Changed Sports and the World, by Alexandra Allred

Women on tennis court, May 31, 1922. (Library of Congress)

Alexandra Allred’s When Women Stood: The Untold History of Females Who Changed Sports and the World (Rowman & Littlefield) is a chronicle of the sports women who refused to accept the status quo and fought for something better for themselves and for those who would follow. Katie Taylor has red Allred’s book on our behalf, and while her review points out that the scholarly study of the history of women’s sports is by no means lacking, she also notes the obvious benefit of Allred’s effort of being readable also for the general public. (Review in English, published 240209.)

New Blog Post

Lionel Messi: The man who fell to Earth in Hong Kong, by David Rowe

Lionel Messi after scoring the opening goal against Nigeria, 26 June 2018. (Photo: Кирилл Венедиктов. The image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

When Lionel Messi failed to take the field in a pre-season exhibition football (soccer) match in Hong Kong, the furious reaction exposed the risks of staging celebrity-centred sports events without the main act. Messi’s presence had been heavily promoted in the lead-up to the match between U.S. Major League Soccer club Inter Miami, co-owned by another football celebrity, David Beckham, and a local league XI. Some of the almost 40,000 crowd at Hong Kong Stadium had travelled from as far away as Australia and bought 1,000 $AU tickets for one reason alone – to see the world’s best player in what a football purist would describe as a meaningless match. (Published in English 240211; click the red heading to read the whole post.)

New Issues of Scholarly Journals

(We’re currently reviewing this service, since it’s a rather time-consuming undertaking. In the meanwhile we’re presenting some of the journals in line with the Forum’s core mission.)

  • Soccer & Society, Volume 25, 2024, Issue 1 (240205)
  • Soccer & Society, Volume 25, 2024, Issue 2 | The Development of Women’s Football: Under What Conditions? (240206)
  • Journal of Sport History, Volume 50, 2023, Number 1 240208)
  • Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Volume 18, 2024, Issue 1 (240208)
  • Managing Sport and Leisure, Volume 29, 2024, Issue 2 (240211)

News items (calls for papers, vacancies, etc.)

The democratically elected leader of the Olympic Movement, IOC President Thomas Bach. (Shutterstock/photowalking)
  • PhD Studentship Opportunity | Sport’s leadership and democracy, at the Inland School of Business and Social Sciences, Campus Lillehammer, Norway | Apply no later than March 7, 2024 (240205)
  • Call for Participants | Seminar: “Cricket in a post-ICEC World” | Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, February 23, 2024. Book tickets now! (240205)
  • Potential Postdoc Opportunity at DMU’s International Centre for Sports History and Culture (240206)
  • Call for Papers | “Exercise: Practices of Bodies, Minds, and Knowing”, German Studies Association Seminar | Atlanta, GA, September 26–29, 2024. Call ends February 23, 2024 (240207)
  • Call for Papers | “Exploring EDI in Sport with a Focus on Gender, Sustainability, and Disrupting the Sports Industry” Conference | Leeds, Weetwood Hall Estate, June 12, 2024. Call ends March 31, 2024 (240207)
  • Call for Chapter | Football Politics and Cultural Production in Africa: Issues and Discourses | Edited collection for Palgrave Macmillan. Call ends April 30, 2024 (240209)

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