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    Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 63, November 2022

    Psychology of Sport and Exercise is an international forum for scholarly reports in the psychology of sport and exercise, broadly defined. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Not your average sport parents: How sport scholars make decisions about their own children’s sport involvement by Heather K. Larson, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, Bradley W. Young, Wendy M. Rodgers.

    Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 11, 2022, Issue 2

    SEPP publishes papers in all areas of sport, exercise, and performance psychology for applied scientists and practitioners that supports the application of psychological principles. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Emotion dysregulation mediates the relationship between psychological distress, symptoms of exercise addiction and eating disorders: A large-scale survey among fitness center users by Bernadette Kun, Róbert Urbán, Attila Szabo, Anna Magi, Andrea Eisinger & Zsolt Demetrovics.
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