New Sports Resource – FranceAndUS

Benjamin Franklin’s reception at the court of France 1778.

Introducing FranceAndUS (, an education and information initiative to highlight French and American cultural relations through sport (and sports diplomacy) past, present, and the rising generation.

FranceAndUS places individual stories, Voices, into the larger “so what” context. In spotlighting the experiences of French athletes, teams, sports owners, journalists, and businesses in the United States and those of their American counterparts in France, FranceAndUS educates audiences about sport in society, sports diplomacy, the Franco-American relationship, the role sports play in fostering people-to-people cultural, technical, and knowledge exchange, and more.

FranceAndUS aims to build 250 stories of French and American sports voices by the 250th anniversary of the Franco-American diplomatic alliance in 2028 – and the Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Games. The growing archive of Voices can be used in numerous ways as tools for classes, ideas or access points for research, and more.

Sign up for the monthly FranceAndUS Newsletter to receive updates on new Voices, partnerships, Backgrounder context pieces, interesting sports nuggets, and more. Follow the project on Instagram (@FranceAndUS) for real-time posts. And contact FranceAndUS director, Dr. Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff, for further information, questions, suggestions, or interest in contributing to the project.

Dr. Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff
Historian and Consultant
Director, FranceAndUS
Author, The Making of Les Bleus: Sport in France, 1958-2010

Research Associate, Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, SOAS University of London
Adjunct Instructor, Tisch Institute for Global Sport, New York University

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