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    Stable Cultures in Cyberspace: A study about equestrians’ use of social media as knowledge platforms

    In this peer reviewed article, Lovisa Broms, Marte Bentzen, Aage Radmann and Susanna Hedenborg chart and analyze how equestrians use social media, how they communicate horse-related content on social media, and how social media can be seen as a source for knowledge exchange, focusing on how equestrians use social media to acquire information about horses, and how this usage can be explained in connection to age and experience.

    Super equestrians: the construction of identity/ies and impression management among young equestrians in upper secondary school settings on social media | A Summary

    In this feature article, Lovisa Broms, Susanna Hedenborg & Aage Radmann summarize their recent article from Sport, Education and Society in which they present a study of how young equestrians utilize social media platforms in order to perceive, construct, negotiate, and manage identities. The results indicate that young riders have identified an online stable culture where high performance equestrianism is the norm.

    An examination of the Nordic model of welfare and physical culture, reviewed by someone who’s been there, done that

    Edited by Mikkel B. Tin, Frode Telseth, Jan Ove Tangen & Richard Giulianotti, and published by Routledge, The Nordic Model and Physical Culture examines the relationships between the Nordic social democratic welfare system and physical culture, across the domains of sport, education, and public space. Our reviewer is Joe Piggin. He has been physically active in almost all Nordic countries – and he quite likes this book.

    Bland knattar och minisar: Ridskolornas verksamhet för de allra yngsta

    I den här artikeln studerar Susanna Hedenborg, Annika Rosén, Gabriella Thorell Palmquist, Oskar Solenes och Guro Fiskergård Werner idrott för de yngsta med fokus på ridskoleaktiviteter i Norge och Sverige, genom en enkätstudie och intervjuer med verksamhetsledare på ridskolor. Resultaten pekar på att ridskolor både i Norge och Sverige erbjuder verksamhet för åldersgruppen 0–6 år i syfte att att fånga upp barnen tidigt.

    Among tiny tots and minis: Riding school activities for the youngest

    In this article, Susanna Hedenborg, Annika Rosén, Gabriella Thorell Palmquist, Oskar Solenes and Guro Fiskergård Werner study sports for the youngest with a focus on riding school activities in Norway and Sweden. The study is based on a questionnaire and interviews with riding school managers. The results indicate that riding schools in both Norway and Sweden, just like other organized sports associations, offer activities for the age group 0–6 years.

    Voices from closed stadiums: The corona crisis as a potential vehicle for sports development

    In order to gain a deeper understanding of how the governmental measures to limit the spread of corona virus affected physical activity, exercising habits, and the conditions for sport clubs, to both exercisers, sport supporters, and coaches this project was initiated. The purpose of the study is to report on how sport and exercise is affected, currently performed, and navigated both from a larger perspective – macro level – and on a lived individual micro level.

    Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Volume 10, 2019

    SSSF, a multidisciplinary social sciences sport study journal, welcomes articles that deal with sport and social change and social stability in a wide sense, articles about the profound and comprehensive processes affecting sports such as professionalization, globalization, commercialization, urbanization, technologization, medicalization and juridification.

    New ways of understanding the human–horse relationship

    Ethical matters pertaining to the human–horse relationship are examined in a new anthology from Routledge, Equine Cultures in Transition: Ethical Questions edited by Jonna Bornemark, Petra Andersson and Ulla Ekström von Essen. We gave the book to our own expert in equestrian and equine studies Susanna Hedenborg, and her review reveals a close critical reading of all 16 chapters. She may have wanted more, but she calls the book as it is both challenging, stimulating and inspiring.

    The future of football? Thought-provoking anthology about football fandom in the age of digitalization

    In a new anthology from Routledge, Digital Football Cultures: Fandom, Identities and Resistance edited by Stefan Lawrence & Garry Crawford, a number of football scholars look at the digitalized future of the beautiful game. Our reviewer is Lise Joern, and she found interesting and critical insights to appreciate. She concludes, however, that technological development notwithstanding, much remains the same and is merely old wine in new bottles.

    En vigtig og anbefalelsesværdig bog, rig på viden og interessante cases

    Søren Bennike recenserar Sport Management: Del 1. Idrottens organisationer i en svensk kontext, en antologi sammanställd av Åsa Bäckström, Karin Book, Bo Carlsson & PG Fahlström (SISU Idrottsböcker). Vår recensent, som fortfarande väntar på en forskningsbaserad dansk introduktionsbok om sport management, uppskattar denna första del och ser fram emot de kommande två delarna.
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