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    Call for Papers | Sports communication and social justice | ICA 2019 pre-conference, Washington DC, May 24, 2019. Call ends January 11, 2019

    The rapidly evolving sport media industry and the changing face of mediated sport production continues to raise original critical questions in new emerging contexts. This one-day preconference pays attention to issues of sport, representation, power and social justice. Crossing disciplinary boundaries – the theme of the 2019 ICA conference – is encouraged in proposed papers.

    Call for Papers | “Colin Kaepernick. Is He a Moral Entrepreneur? On the Role Athletes Play in the Public Sphere” | Special issue of Fair Play. Journal of Philosophy,...

    Fair Play aims to publish a special issue around Colin Kaepernick’s act of protest that discusses some of the issues mentioned above. In doing so, the editors of such a special issue would like to invite all those who want to participate in the issue to submit a work related to the Kaepernick case.

    BSA Sport Study Group Day Conference | Sport and Social Protest | Friday 15th May 2015, British Library Conference Centre, London

    This day conference will explore the relationship between sport and collective mobilizations for social change. It will explore mobilizations around the staging of mega-events, the actions of athletes and spectators within sports arenas, and the role of sport in celebrated campaigns such as the global anti-apartheid and British suffragette movements. The conference will commence with a keynote speech about...
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