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    Sports Innovation Journal, Volume 4, 2023 | Innovations in Engaged Learning in Sport, Tourism, and Live Entertainment

    The Sports Innovation Journal (SIJ) brings together researchers and practitioners dedicated to publishing research that informs the development of innovative ideas to move the sports industry forward through collaboration, access, and relevancy. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Applied Improvisation in the Sport Management Curriculum by Mandy Barefoot, J. Michael Martinez, Hannah Sensenbrenner Morrow (open access).

    Journal of Sports Media, Volume 16, 2021, Number 1

    JSM provides a broad-based exploration of the field and promotes a greater understanding of sports media in terms of their practices, value, and effect on the culture as a whole. The journal features scholarly articles, essays, book reviews, and reports on major conferences and seminars. Editor’s pick from the current issue: Hoping for a Hail Mary: A Critical Feminist Analysis of the NFL’s Post-Rice Tactics by Nicole Cox, Lauren DeCarvalho.

    International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, Volume 12, 2020, Issue 3

    The International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics aims to publish articles that address all aspects of sport policy irrespective of academic discipline. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: THE SCEPTIC, THE CYNIC, THE WOMEN’S RIGHTS ADVOCATE AND THE CONSTRUCTIONIST: MALE LEADERS AND COACHES ON GENDER EQUITY IN SPORT by Matthis Kempe-Bergman, Håkan Larsson & Karin Redelius (open access).