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    Will conventionalist philosophy solve the moral conflict over the meaning of sport?

    William J. Morgan is a Professor Emeritus at USC and a much-published and awarded scholar within the philosophy of sport. His previous book in this field was Why Sports Morally Matter (2006). His new book is called Sport and Moral Conflict: A Conventionalist Theory (Temple University Press). Shawn Klein, likewise a sport philosophy scholar, learned much from reading the book, albeit disagreeing with important aspects of Morgan’s argument.

    Textbook on leadership ethics more suitable for sport management classes than sport ethics classes

    Some would say that modern sports are in dire need of ethical leadership, a paucity possibly remedied by scholarship. Shawn E. Klein finds that Sport, Ethics and Leadership by Jack Bowen, Ronald S. Katz, Jeffrey R. Mitchell, Donald J. Polden & Richard Walden (Routledge) may go some way towards achieving this; however, a more philosophical approach to sport ethics is required.

    Exciting new anthology helps us understand sporting activities better

    The anthology Defining Sport: Conceptions and Borderlines is the first title in a new series from Lexington Books, Studies in Philosopy of Sport. The series editor is Shawn E. Klein, and Dr. Klein is also the editor of this interesting anthology, which is reviewed here by Anne Tjønndal.
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