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    Forum for idræt, Årg. 34, 2019

    Tidsskriftet Forum for Idræt er en online publikation, der udgiver forskning, formidling og debat om idræt inden for det samfundsvidenskabelige og humanistiske fagområde. Foreningen bag tidsskriftet, Forum for Idræt, Historie og Samfund (FIHS), har eksisteret siden 1985. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: FODBOLD FITNESS: MERE AF DET SAMME ELLER ET BRUD MED FRITIDSFODBOLDENS STI? by Søren Bennike, Laila Ottesen.

    New book on general coaching, of some interest for sports coaches

    Reinhard Stelter, sport psychology professor at University of Copenhagen’s Dept. of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, develops his coaching ideas in The Art of the Dialogue in Coaching: Towards Transformative Exchange (Routledge). Anne Tjønndal finds few references to sports, but she thinks nonetheless that the book can be a useful tool for sports coaches.

    Scandinavian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Vol. 1, 2018, No. 1

    The purpose of the Scandinavian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology is to collect and disseminate knowledge and experiences between researchers, practitioners, athletes, coaches and others with interest for sport psychology. It is an open access journal published yearly by the Danish Sport Psychological Forum and aims to publish high quality articles within sport and exercise psychology.
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