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    With Olympics approaching, it’s time to recognize children as a protected class in sport

    In most areas of society, children are afforded a protected status that safeguards their health and well-being. However, in sport, children are often denied such protection due to the autonomy of sport organizations and the belief that sport has certain inherent characteristics that set it apart from other social institutions (i.e., the specificity of sport). In this reprinted Conversation piece Peter Donnelly and Marcus Mazzucco argue fir children to be recognized as a protected class in sport.

    Två antologier om dopning och anti-dopningsarbete – från tidskriftsnummer till böcker

    Björn Sandahl har läst två Routledge-antologier, A Global History of Doping in Sport: Drugs, Policy, and Politics av John Gleaves & Thomas M. Hunt (red) och Anti-doping: Policy and Governance av Barrie Houlihan & Mike McNamee (red). En del bra bidrag, tycker vår recensent, men varför har dessa två gamla tidskriftsnummer publicerats som böcker, rakt av?