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    Journal of Sport Management, Volume 36, 2022, Issue 1

    JSM encourages the submission of manuscripts in a number of areas as they relate to the management, governance, and consumption of sport. Studies using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches are welcomed. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Charity Sport Event Sponsorship as Value Creation Strategy: An Event Participant Perspective by David Fechner, Kevin Filo, Sacha Reid, Robyn Cameron.

    Journal of Global Sport Management, Volume 5, 2020, issue 2 | Reputational Management in Sport

    The Journal of Global Sport Management (JGSM) aims to be the global platform for focused, rigorous, and interdisciplinary research that has originality, depth, and clarity of insights into significant issues and developments of interest to sport management. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: URBAN MEYER NEEDS AN IMAGE REPAIR COACH by Chris Hanna & James T. Morton.
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