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    Sport, Education and Society, Volume 29, 2024, Issue 1

    Sport, Education and Society encourages contributions from social scientists and educationalists studying the relationships between pedagogy, ‘the body’ and society, The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Promoting an equity-based approach for social and emotional learning in physical education teacher education: international teacher educators’ perspectives by Seunghyun Baek, Ben Dyson, Donal Howley & Yanhua Shen.

    International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Vol. 58, 2023, No. 2

    IRSS is a peer reviewed academic journal. Its main purpose is to disseminate research and scholarship on sport throughout the international academic community. The journal publishes research articles of varying lengths, as well as book and media reviews. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: FIFA’s utopia: An analysis of FIFA’s football for hope movement by Shawn D. Forde.
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