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    “Sport for Social Inclusion” | Special issue of Social Inclusion

    New special issue, Vol 5, No 2 (2017), of Social Inclusion, "Sport for Social Inclusion”, is now out. All articles are free to download (open access). Please feel free to share the articles with your colleagues. Editor: Reinhard Haudenhuyse (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)

    Critical perspective on sports: Social, economic, race and gender inequalities

    We liked Russell Holden for Gamal Abdel-Shehid’s and Nathan Kalman-Lamb’s study of elite sports, Out of Left Field: Social Inequality and Sports, and his review is a knowledgeable run-through, scrutinising the basic theoretical underpinnings and analytical superstructure of the study.

    Nordamerikanska erfarenheter av och insikter om staden och sporten

    Mats Franzén Sporting dystopias. The making and meanings of urban sport cultures (Albany: State University of New York Press 2003) som redigerats av Ralph C. Wilcox, David L. Andrews, Robert Pitter och Richard L. Irwin, tillhandahåller inga solskenshistorier om staden och sporten – men titeln till trots inte heller några egentliga sportdystopier. Snarare finns här en rad realistiska korrektiv till den...
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