“Sport for Social Inclusion” | Special issue of Social Inclusion

New special issue, Vol 5, No 2 (2017), of Social Inclusion, “Sport for Social Inclusion”, is now out. All articles are free to download (open access). Please feel free to share the articles with your colleagues. Editor: Reinhard Haudenhuyse (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Issue “Sport for Social Inclusion: Questioning Policy, Practice and Research”
by Reinhard Haudenhuyse

Promoting Social Inclusion through Sport for Refugee-Background Youth in Australia: Analysing Different Participation Models
by Karen Block and Lisa Gibbs

Being Able to Play: Experiences of Social Inclusion and Exclusion Within a Football Team of People Seeking Asylum
by Darko Dukic, Brent McDonald and Ramón Spaaij

Interculturalism and Physical Cultural Diversity in the Greater Toronto Area
by Yuka Nakamura and Peter Donnelly

A Part of and Apart from Sport: Practitioners’ Experiences Coaching in Segregated Youth Sport
by Nancy Spencer-Cavaliere, Jennifer Thai and Bethan Kingsley

A New Model for Inclusive Sports? An Evaluation of Participants’ Experiences of Mixed Ability Rugby
by Martino Corazza and Jen Dyer

Sport and Social Inclusion: Evidence-Based Policy and Practice
by Fred Coalter

A Capability Approach to Understanding Sport for Social Inclusion: Agency, Structure and Organisations
by Naofumi Suzuki

Complicating Gender, Sport, and Social Inclusion: The Case for Intersectionality
by Gamal Abdel-Shehid and Nathan Kalman-Lamb [Free download]

Peer- and Coach-Created Motivational Climates in Youth Sport: Implications for Positive Youth Development of Disadvantaged Girls
by Hebe Schaillée, Marc Theeboom and Jelle Van Cauwenberg

Conditions for Successfully Increasing Disadvantaged Adolescents’ Engagement in and Development through Volunteering in Community Sport
by Evi Buelens, Marc Theeboom, Jikkemien Vertonghen and Kristine De Martelaer

Exploring the Sports Experiences of Socially Vulnerable Youth
by Sabina Super, Carlijn Q. Wentink, Kirsten T. Verkooijen and Maria A. Koelen

Urban Sport-for-Development Initiatives and Young People in Socially Vulnerable Situations: Investigating the ‘Deficit Model’
by Zeno Nols, Rein Haudenhuyse and Marc Theeboom

The Inclusion Conundrum: A Critical Account of Youth and Gender Issues Within and Beyond Sport for Development and Peace Interventions
by Holly Collison, Simon Darnell, Richard Giulianotti and P. David Howe

Football for Inclusion: Examining the Pedagogic Rationalities and the Technologies of Solidarity of a Sports-Based Intervention in Sweden
by David Ekholm and Magnus Dahlstedt

Policing the Void: Recreation, Social Inclusion and the Baltimore Police Athletic League
by Jacob J. Bustad and David L. Andrews

Our Sports Clubs: The Sport-for-All Dream in Crisis? Book Review of Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis. By Robert Putnam. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2015, 400 pp.; ISBN: 1476769893.
by Reinhard Haudenhuyse

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